Saturday, December 31, 2011

I don't need your attitude I have my own! Muahhaa!

Hehe, alright, I said the last post was the last post of 2011. BUT, I just had to do this special outfit as my last post. Your gothic, zombie princess is back with a whole new attitude! I am so in love with this outfit! The outfit and skin are from AD Creations Doll house by Aliza Karu.

Outfit: Tribute to Emilie Autumn 650
Marketplace link:
Skin: Tribute to Emilie Autumn
Marketplace link:

Happy New Years Eve everyone!

This is my last post for 2011. Tomorrow it will be 2012! Whew. Tonight I will be curled up on the couch, watching horror movies, and eating some leftover candy canes. And prob eating some spagetthi too! Yum! I hope you all have had a great year, and when you look back you treasure all the memories you had.

Outfit: Indrya originals Naala in blush
Make-up: A&M plastic lips in Maiko doll (bonus makeup)
Hair: Marie doll Tilly in pink

Friday, December 30, 2011

Modern blues

One more blog for today! This is another complete outfit from Vero Modero. Makes those winter blues just get chased away. Felt incredibly sexy in this outfit. It comes with the jacket, hat, shoes, skirt, and it makes you look yummy even in the coldest temperatures.

Outfit: Peri set with shoes

Just Vogue....vogue...vogue...vogue....

Got another great outfit from Vogue and a make-up from there to show you ladies. It's still snowing, and I was dancing around outside when I shot these photos!

Outfit: VoguE
Top:Kay knitted sweater in pom pom
Pants:Rihanna pants in ruby
Make-up: Dramatic make-up series 2b with lipstick


I just love snow, and since it was so nippy outside, I put on this cute, pink, warm outfit. The entire look is from Severed garden, and it includes everything you see. Hat, sweater, jeans, boots, sunglasses,belt and gloves. Be sure to look for the penguin on my outfit!

Outfit: Severed garden Nyle in Rose
Hair: [e] soft in rainbow color 1#

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Izzie or isn't he going to love you in this? :)

Got two different looks from Izzie's. Hope you zombettes, like them and head on over to grab them! One is for winter and the other is for spring, which is just around the corner!

Outfit 1#
Top: Izzie's Norwegian sweater in magenta
Pants:Izzie's Plain denim jeans in dark blue

Outfit 2#
Top:Izzie's Vintage roses pink/green
Bracelet:Izzie's Lily bracelet white/pink


Spring fever!

Been wanting a more spring look and I found it with these great items! I hope all my zombettes have been doing good, and are looking foward to the new year!

Top: Shush chiffron top birdies #2
Pants: Shush comfort ripped jeans #1
Hair: Inem Pinkbeige & Pinkbrown I am wearing Pinkbrown.
Marketplace link:
Skin: Pink fuel ember Gyaru fatpack I am wearing Gangura with cleavage, light brows and heart stickers.
Prim nails: Love soul glitter gradation in pink

Diamonds and pink are a girl's best friend!

I just love sales! Don't you? Well Sticky fingers is having one, going on right now! I popped over and picked up a few items. The pants I am wearing are on sale for only $100 lindens! So cute! I also tried my new facial animator in the last picture. Hope you zombettes like it!

Top: Sticky fingers my pink knit hoodie top
Pants: Sticky fingers my low blue jeans
Tongue accessory: Suis Petit candy diamond
Marketplace link:
Skin: Pink fuel Skye milk in plastic with light brow

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Radioactive with tongue action!

Lol, I read that and its so funny. :p I don't know where I come up with these titles sometimes. It's my awesome zombie brain! Muahhaaaa!!! Got a cute, outfit up for grabs, my zombettes! Enjoy!

Top: Manna espirit de foret in purple V2
Pants: Spirit jeans in black
Glasses: Violent chemicals in Starry sunglasses in black
Tongue accessory: Violent chemicals in Beautifully biohazardous 1

Skeletons in my closet and me!

Shopping, shopping, shopping. I spend at least 99% of my time in SL shopping. I am always on the lookout for fun, new things. I found this really cute skin and wanted to show you ladies.

Check out the detail on the skin!

Outfit: URCo. Jack Skellington full outfit
This includes the tank top, sweater, pants, and boots. The parts are also sculpted!
Marketplace link:

Skin: Nuuna Ellivu
This comes in a 4 pack of skins and I am wearing: Voodoo people with creepy black eyes(they come with the skin pack!)

I feel like a pink pixie!

Had some fun putting this look together, tried to do whimsical, cute and a little sexy mixed together. Got some things in-world, some on marketplace, and of course am giving you guys all the links.

Top: Vogue Dana top in magenta
Pants: Vogue Dana pants in magenta
Hair: Love soul #37 in strawberry
Nose butterfly: #187
Marketplace link:
Hair accessory: Laciecakes sparkle hair ornament in colorful
Marketplace link:

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sweeter then candy is having a sale!

You girls now me, the minute I hear about a sale, I am there! You can get some really good deals if you hurry and get to them. Here is a sweater dress I picked up at Sweeter then candy.

Outfit: !STC Erin sweater dress in rose
Hair: Truth Faith in bubblegum
Tongue accessory: Violent chemicals cat got your tongue
Marketplace link:

GFW Goodness from Aissence!

It's that time again, almost Wednesday! Be sure to be at The Jersey shore then! Got a great pack of tops from Aissence that will be on sale! These are called Riot tops and there are 4 in the pack!


Monday, December 26, 2011

Fly away with me

Good afternoon ladies, I have another sexy outfit from Maai and a look at some more great poses from Fly Lilly!

Pose 1# I am so fly! pose #2
Pose 2# Aya pose #2

These are special poses, only available in the XY room! The main store is soon to open!

Top: Zoe lace shirt in rose
Pants: Maai tweed pants in grey

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas is still in the air!

Gown: Vogue Christmas gown group members gift
Hair: Red mint group gift Hair no.17 with blinking lights
Pose: Wet Cat TTB exclusive pose 2#

Merry Christmas!

I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! I hope you all have fun opening presents with your family, drinking eggnog and being merry!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

It's a pink Christmas!

Got a cute, totally pink outfit to show you ladies. I  just got Photoshop 5 too, and decided to test it out. I thought it was pretty kick butt. Easier to use. Which as you know me, I am completely lost in this technology age.

Top: *katat0nik* snow day top
Very detailed, with a cute bow.
Skirt: *katat0nik* snow day skirt
Can you see the snowmen peeking out?
Hair: *katat0nik* (colors) sweetish hair
I love this hair! You can color the hair, streaks, bows and the hat! I colored everything different shades of pink and the hat is white.


Christmas MEGA Smorgasbord 10#

Alright ladies, here is the absolute LAST smorgasbord for the year. *tears in my eyes* This is every last Christmas thing I bought that I haven't blogged about yet. Enjoy. :)

Item 1#
Rudolph set includes make-up & antlers
Marketplace link:

Item 2#
Ni.Ju holly belly antlers

Item 3#
Pinkmares Dark Mrs. Claus outfit

Item 4#
Love soul hair snowdome in purple
You have to join the group and buy the hair in the group VIP area.

Item 5#
Love soul hair #119 Christmas Zombie hunt Prize in purple
Took a lot of zombies to get this hair, but it was totally worth it!
That is the starting point for the hunt.

Items 6 and 7#
Item 6# Love soul prim nails Christmas in red
Item 7# Lelutka Yves hair in pitch with hairbase

Items #8 and 9#
Item #8 Mandala Milky way jewelery set in Red
Item #9: A&M Red turtleneck in red
Marketplace link:

Items #10 and #11
Item 10# Southpaw winter elf ear
Marketplace link:
Item 11# UM Soscha knit sweaters in red
Marketplace link:

Item #12
Laville simple fur stole in fawn

Item #13
Meow cute neko hat and scarf set with fur in white
Marketplace link:

Item #14
Blackdreams dark gingerbread men set
Marketplace link:

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