Wednesday, February 29, 2012

LOTD #168

 Outfit: ..::AKA::.. Bones tank,gloves & fishnet stockings
Skin: CStar Unlimited  Miss Pisces skin w/green glitter, elven natural and large cup
Hair: [e] Quirky in colours *I am wearing 03*
Collar: Glam affair Vanity collar 2
Hairbow: [ni.ju] Hairbow fatpack *I am wearing the special oversized rainbow, that comes ONLY in the fatpack*
Lipstick: Shakeup Cosmetics *I am wearing fuchsia+teeth*

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

LOTD #167

 Outfit: Indigo Oddities Black Dahlia in red *this includes dress, face makeup and spine*
Hair: Truth Tahnee colours *I am wearing hot pink*
Claws: [ni.ju] Claws

Monday, February 27, 2012

LOTD #166

 Outfit: TDD Emo
Hair: Truth Tahnee 2 in colours *I am wearing hot pink, and the streaks are silver and crow*
Face piercing: [ni.ju] Celtizine piercing in Water
Claws: [ni.ju] Blood tipped claws
Shoes: Death row designs lazy boots closed spiked
Full body tattoo: Violet Lotus Sally tattoo *I am wearing full/faded*

Sunday, February 26, 2012

LOTD #165

 Outfit: Razorblade Jacket Elegantly wasted
Bracelets: Dead Apples Leather n studs cuffs
Neck accessory: Little Pricks Necklace of nails
Shoes: Death row designs Mel goth boot full pack *I am wearing stripe redsole*

Sponsor Sunday for Feb 26

 Outfit: The Little bat  Zombie girl outfit *this includes the pants & top*
Mouth accessory: The little bat silver mouth beads
Skin: The Little bat Lilah morte in noir

Outfit: Epic Black ribbon romper w/fishnet leggings 
Mouth nom-nom: Epic I caught a water nymph!
Skin: CStar Limited Glory whore skin *I am wearing elven cool*  This skin was especially made for Whore Couture Fair that opens March 1rst !

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sponsor Saturday for Feb 25

 Shirt: Mad Echo Animal love in leopard print
Jeans: Sour pickles Malistaire jeans with prim bottoms
Shoes: Wildz Creations  whipped cream heels *these with a re-texture hud to match your skin color*
Lipstick: Pink Acid Leopard lipstick 6 pack *I am wearing strawberry*
Necklace: Sour pickles Cupcake love bottle necklace

"I'm going to marry the night,I won't give up on my life, I'm a warrior queen..." Lady Gaga, Born this way CD, song Marry the night

Friday, February 24, 2012

LOTD #164

 Outfit: Takarah Carnival decay outfit *this was FREE!*
Face tattoo: AQ face tattoo fatpack hurted*pain*agony  **I am wearing agony**
Hair: Elikatira Past in rainbow colours *I am wearing 01*
Shoes: Grim Bros. mabiche red star carnie heels in red  
Claws: ..::AKA::.. claws black *I am wearing just the middle fingers*

"I am unable, come and take me away...take me away...break me away..." ~ Avril Lavigne from Under my skin, "Take me away"

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

LOTD #163

 Dress: AD Creations Sexy goth wire 250
Skin: The plastik Ataciara in Elven grey *I am wearing cleavage homicide*
Make-up: Hysteria running through  my veins tattoo
Hair: Wasabi pills Sybille mesh in Candy *I am wearing jellyfish*
Nail claws: Amorous Lacerated

Lol, yes, I put a neon pink kitty to cover up my female parts. I loved the picture but I didn't want everyone to see my chi-chis.

LOTD #162

 Dress: AD Creations Rug doll dress 350 *this includes top, skirt, socks*
Hair: AD Creations my side hair 100
Skin: AD Creations Dolly disdain 450
Eyes: Fallen Dolls Button eyes *this includes the buttons and blood trails*

Pinhead: "We have such sights to show you!" ~ Hellraiser, 1987

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

LOTD #161

Dress: I love 13 Paperdoll dress *this includes the top, skirt and necklace*
Hair: Deviant kitties Kaley Fatpack *I am wearing blackpunk*
Face skull: Death row designs gore skull face

Monday, February 20, 2012

LOTD #160

Dress: Lvs & co Lollipop girl-Anya
Deviant Kitties Miatch wild colors fatpack *I am wearing Candy*
Choker: [UTC] Grim Juju posture collar
Eyeliner: CStar 8 bold eyeliners *I am wearing Underline me*
Lipstick: Pink Acid shiny lipgloss 5 pack *I am wearing black*
Face tattoo: Eternal Darkness noseless chewed nose
Shoes: Death Row Designs lazy boot closed spike CA2
Prim nails: Formanails Form claw-design demonia 9

Pamela Voorhees: "She can't hide; no place to hide." ~Friday the 13th,1980

Sunday, February 19, 2012

LOTD #159

 Dress: !RT Pastel bloom in Forest
Skin: Katsucide Sandra Cendre Light Fatpack *I am wearing Veneiseuse-CL-light*
Hair: Ploom Jinx in purple/pink *I shaded mine a darker shade of pink*
Piercing: Zombie Suicide Apocalypse piercing

LOTD #158

 Dress: .:EC:. Ballerina *This includes the top, skirt and shoes*
Skin: [Dolly] Goth skin *This is at a promo price for only $50 lindens! Comes with the make-up already on it! Also has cleavage enhancer already added as well!*
Hair: Deviant Kitties Alice hair fatpack *I am wearing it in black punk*
Chest tattoo: Eternal Darkness heartache engraved heart body tattoo
Prim eyelashes: Redgrave Eyelashes #32 in Candydoll

They survived the terror... but they can't escape their destiny. ~Halloween II, 2009

Saturday, February 18, 2012

LOTD #157

Dress: AD Creations Three colors rag dress 450
Hair accessory: [ni.Ju] Blood's Obscurity *I am wearing only the headdress*
Eyeshadow: Dead Apples Glam Eyeshadows in noir
Lipstick: Dead Apples Glam glosses in sinistre
Face tattoo: Eternal Darkness Insane engraved face tattoo

"The darkest souls are not those which choose to exist within the hell of the abyss, but those which choose to break free from the abyss and move silently among us." ~Dr. Samuel Loomis, Halloween (2007)

Friday, February 17, 2012

LOTD #156

 Outfit: Twisted Dreams  Skulled *This includes, the dress, hair bow, shoes, bracelet & necklace*
Skin: Izzies Beth in pale w/DB CL *I am also wearing the Deepblack eyeshadow & Red lipstick*
Full body tattoo: Skin deep Don't label me
Hair: Elikatira Mood in rainbow colours *I am wearing #1*
Prim nails: Formanails Long nails in Jigsaw design
Face tattoo: Death row designs Gore zombie face

Tommy Doyle: "When Michael Myers was six years old, he stabbed hs sister to death. He was locked up for years in Smith's Grove Sanitarium, but he escaped. Soon after, Halloween became another word for mayhem! One by one, he killed his entire family, until his nine-year-old niece, Jamie Lloyd, was the only one left alive. Six years ago - Halloween night - Michael and Jamie vanished. Most people believed them dead but I believe someone hid them away. Someone who keeps Michael, protects him... tries to control him. If there's one thing I know, you can't control evil. You can lock it up, burn it, and bury it, and pray that it dies, but it never will. It just... rests awhile. You can lock your doors, and say your prayers, but the evil is out there... waiting. And maybe, just maybe... it's closer than you think!"

LOTD #155

 Outfit: Beauty Killer Scene queen in red
Skin: JeSyLiLO *Meme* light skin
Hair: Elikatira Just in Rainbow colours *I am wearing 01*

Tommy Doyle: "Laurie, what's the boogeyman?"
Laurie: "There's no such thing."

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