Friday, March 30, 2012

LOTD #224

Top: Toxic Bish Desiree Top white
Pants: DeeTaleZ lowrider half blue w/panties
Hair: Exile Caramina wildcards babydoll
Necklace: [[SN]] My little bow necklace changes colors with a click!

LOTD #223

Top: Spirit Store Daria top white
Skirt: The Secret Store Froufrou skirt sky
Shoes: Boudoir Butterfly shoes collection I am wearing blue
Necklace: Glow Studios for The dressing room Kolia spiked necklace silver
Headband: Glow Studios for The dressing room Mint flower headband
Hair: Exile Misha wildcards babydoll

LOTD #222

Skins from left to right: Suzie 10 w/sexy breasts & open mouth, Suzie 11 w/sexy breasts & open mouth, Suzie 12 w/sexy breasts & open mouth

Lingerie: Mon Cheri Sweet 16 undies fatpack Gothic cherry
Hair: Truth Savina w/roots fire mesh
Skin: Unique Megastore Suzie

Thursday, March 29, 2012

LOTD #221

Dress: Dilly Dolls Adelle Boneyard There is a hud that comes with it, to change the dress colors! mesh
Shoes: Dilly Dolls Espy Hates love wedges There is a hud that comes with it, to change the shoes, heart and straps colors! Also the option of no straps. 
Nails: Unborn creations Die! Extra long nails black
Necklace: Chaos, Panic, Disorder Annabel Lee Skull cameo set necklace & earrings (not pictured)
Hair: Magika Somewhere Duo I used the hud to change the colors to blonde & pink
Skin: LAQ skins Minna fair #4
Cleavage enhancer: LAQ skins Cleavage V1 fair
Freckles: LAQ skins Freckles & Beauty marks Freckles 01
Eyeliner: Pekka Eyeliner combo 2 I am wearing eyeliner 01

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

LOTD #220

Jacket: Death Inc. Mesh jacket-super bitch black
Pants: Eternal Darkness Ripped up bloody mash black sneak preview!
Piercing: Pekka Zassy piercing
Necklace/Ring: Blue Slush knuckles pink & black
Nails: Scrub Rockers nails
Hair: Elikatira Fresh rainbow colours #7

LOTD #219

Outfit: Holli Pocket Lace up onesy pink
Hair: Lamb Lovetones ROYGBIV chewed bubble gum
Skin: Filthy Melody Ivory #4
Lashes: Miamai Catwalk eyelashes Evergreen 01 femme Mesh
Necklace: [Y.M.X.] Ice cream necklace & earrings strawberry
Slippers: Boneflower Cute kitty mood slippers excited
Nails: Formanails Japan #8 
Backgrounds: 3DSLFX

Hello girls! I know I have been quiet lately, I have been slammed in SL and IRL lately. Barely, have time to get my posts up and talk. My cat slippers that you see, I have been wearing for a few days (if you go back and look at my last couple of posts, you can't see my feet!) and I finally decided to share them today. If you click on the face, they bring up a menu with emotions, to fit your mood. You can't see it in the picture, but ears and paws move. Kawaii! Also, I bought my first pair of mesh eyelashes, I LOVE them, so easy to adjust to my eyes and stunning too! They also have all other kinds of lashes, so hopefully you will find one (or in my case, like 10) that you love.

LOTD #218

Top: Holli Pocket Pull meh tops shimmer pink
Shorts: Holli Pocket Bum bum shorts rainbow hot pink 1
Shape & Skin: Izzie's Beth sunkissed freckles cleavage (the shape comes with the skin!)
Lipstick & Eyeshadow: Izzie's Vibrant Brianna lipsticks magenta & Spring fling eyeshadow fairy rhinestone purple (sold seperately)
Hair: Truth Kalle bubblegum
Nails: Southpaw Persephone nails age of aquarius
Necklace & bracelets: Bunny star productions Crazy bunny candy jewelery combo

LOTD #217

Outfit: AD creations Cover that face white 650
Skin: AD Creations Sad skin blood white
Photo equipment: 3DSLFX Photo Studio Edition 1 This is available only on marketplace, and only $500 lindens

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

LOTD #216

Top: Dirtyland Micro Caro top 8 pack pink
Pants: Dirtyland Bad girls jeans black
Hair: Elikatira Rumor rainbow colours #7
Nails: Demon Kitties Delirium nails
Hip tattoo: Pekka Insanity tat
Piercing: Pekka Solitaria unisex piercing
Choker: Lolapop for Horror Haute Tortured lover choker

LOTD #215-Special skin edition

 Skin: CStar Limited Miss Aries Elven cool BLK lips Large cup

Skin 2: CStar Limited Kayden Elven warm Large cup

Skin 3: Cheeky! Katja cream cleavage natural lips

Skin 4: Filthy Melody Easter special tan

Lingerie: Alter Ego Naptime set lights out
Hair: Elikatira Hye rainbow colours #7
Eyelashes: Izzie's V1.06
Teeth: [PXL] open mouth add-on

Teeth were first seen on Mrs. Druuna's Blog! I tried to capture the skins as naturally as possible, not using any add-on make-ups or enhancers of any kind. I used the teeth and eyelashes and that is it! Aren't they all amazing?

Monday, March 26, 2012

LOTD #214

Outfit: Gothica Laytex secret pink
Shoes: Gothica Laytex Hot boots pink
Hair: Truth Lori (mesh) colours Hot pink w/roots
Piercing: Pekka Solidue piercing
Choker: blue slush bullet collar pink & black

LOTD #213

 Top: Toxic Bish Bitch top pink
Pants: Alter Ego Incognito black baggies
Hair: Ploom Anarin Pony pack: white, purple & pink
Nails: K&C Fashion Black ribbon nails
Necklace: Iced Mariposa necklace tinted pearls pink
Hip tattoo: Pekka Fuck your life tattoo
Prim teeth: DeeTalZ Add on prim teeth

Sunday, March 25, 2012

LOTD #212

Top: Scrub Factory Take full hands
Jeans: Cheeky Lowrise jeans w/underpants black & pink
Nails: Finesmith Nails striped w/rings
Shoes: Deviant Designs Scream black
Skin: Izzie's Cassandra sunkiss in freckles cleavage DB I am also wearing the black eyeshadow that comes with it!
Lipgloss: Izzie's  Cassandra skin lipgloss pale & sunkissed pink (this is sold seperately)
Eyelashes: Izzie's V1.06
Eyeliner: Izzie's Eyeliner set Double wing eyeliner
Eyes: Izzie's  Dark mesh eyes pink (custom order)

Hello again girls! Another day and another post for ya. I would like to give a HUGE thank you to Mrs. Izzie Button for providing her great new skin, makeup and my eyelashes. She also made my mesh eyes in pink! This was a custom order, and if you would like some done too, just contact her in-world. This was one of my first times, wearing freckles, and I hope did the skin justice, by showing it off. The skin comes in a pack, that includes 10 eyeshadows, 10 lipsticks, gloves to match the skin tone, so you can easily wear prim nails, it also comes with the option to wear freckles or not, and cleavage. The Cassandra skin lipgloss was made especially for the Cassandra skins, and its optional, but I promise you want to get it! The lipglosses are beautifully detailed and go perfectly.

Friday, March 23, 2012

LOTD #211

Top: Dirtyland Rippted top black
Pants/Skirt: Hysteria for Horror Haute We only come out at night
Shoes: Chandelle for Stuff in Stock Rock shoes black
Necklace,Ring,Bracelet: Finesmith Aphrodite necklace, Aphrodite ring & Aphrodite Bracelet (sold seperately)
Face tattoo: Glam Affair Make-up layer #9
Nails: Scrub Damask & Black nails
Hair: Action Dorathy crazy ombre kitty ombre

Thursday, March 22, 2012

LOTD #210

Top & Jeans: Eternal Darkness Urban cropped top Save me & High waisted jeans Deep denim (sold seperately)
Face tattoo: Pierrot the clown Nose comes with it!
Hair: Magika Calm red w/hud
Shoes: Death Inc. Dark death boots
Chest tattoo: Pekka I'm not weird
Claws: [ni.ju] Blood tipped claws

Alright, I decided to stop doing the 3 way pictures, I feel like you can't really see them all that well. I know I have blogged the [ni.ju] claws before,but I likes them. So you guys will prob see repeats of accessories in the future. Enjoy, go shopping and if you kill someone, don't use bleach to clean up the blood. Just a tip. :)

LOTD #209

 Top & Jean shorts: Izzie's Off shoulder top pink & Denim shorts dark blue
Nails: Izzie's Glitter nails Used the hud to tint pink/purple
Bracelets: Izzie's Bangles silver/pink
Shoes: Tentacio for Perfect Wardrobe Spring pumps black
Necklace: Undefined Lillies Teensy cluster silver FREE!

LOTD #209

Top & Jeans: Cheeky! My oops shirt black & Little stripe lowrise jeans black (sold seperately)
Nails: Scrub Zip nails
Hair: Lamb Brand new lover mesh Madpack milkshake
Skin: Al Vulo! Leilani Fatpack Bronze Black cleavage
Lipstick: Pekka Candy lipstick #3
Chest tattoo: Pekka Skull pink & Black
Shoes: Hollyweird WhoriN heelz

LOTD #208

Outfit: Dirtyland Lolo top & High waist jeans shorts (sold seperately)
Hair: Lamb Frenchie My little pony
Jewelery: I <3 Fashion Fresh Watermelon set includes ring, necklace, mouthie, plugs(I am not wearing them)
Shoes: Sugar for Stuff in Stock  Rock skullies heels
Nails: Mad Echo Nyantastic short nails

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

LOTD #207

Top: Izzie's Floral top pink & Skinny Jeans blue (sold seperately)
Nails: Izzie's French nails colored pink w/hud
Hair: Ploom Clara brown hair w/pink bows colored w/hud
Necklace: Y.M.X. crystal bow silver/pink
Bracelets: The Bishes  Bangles Disco arm

LOTD #206

Top: Eternal Darkness Urban Cropped Top red
Pants: SassyKitty/Sakide Black jeans garter B&W Knit
Face tattoo: Eternal Darkness Sinful tears weeping blood
Hair: Magika Dara w/lower
Nails: Izzie's Metallic nails tinted red
Necklace: Dirtyland Serrated Necklace
Full body tattoo: S&P Store Cut my cute body

LOTD #205

Outfit: Alter Ego No questions asked Boomers/shoes included
Hair: Magika Cori color pack Used the hud to tint purple & pink
Face piercing: Damned Elementaries Color set #3  This set has 8 different piercings to mix & match, plus you can change the color!
Skin: Damned Selene M0T1 I am wearing Tan 1 & Lipstick #1
Eyeshadow: Damned S. Eyeliners M6 I am wearing purple

I just love my Magika hairs, I don't wear them often, but when I do I love them. The possibilities for the hair color options seem endless. Also, I had this skin for a bit, like when they first came out. I only wore it once, and I have been wearing it all day today. When I went and looked into the options that COME WITH IT, I was so suprised. There is an option for freckles (my FIRST time ever wearing those!), so I put that skin on. Then there are 10 lipsticks,10 glosses and 3 blushes! All in the pack. This is also the first skin that Damned made with cleavage. Also in the pack, there are options for 3 eyebrow colors(one is tintable), Selene prim eyelashes and um, a special type of hair. (giggles like a dork) Don't think I will be worried about that option.

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