Monday, April 30, 2012

Post #310

Top: Lola creations Vintage flower tube top bordeaux MESH ♥Lost

Hair: LoQ Sake light blonde pack

Daisey accessories: Izzie's Daisies attachments ♥Izzie

Bracelets: Izzie's Wooden bangles brown ♥Izzie

Skin: Pink fuel Elly Honey baby doll lightbrow/freckles (with add-on Juicy nectarine w/teeth) ♥Mochi

Hello girls! Welcome my newest sponsor Lola creations to my blog. Lots of cute clothes at her store! The tube top I am wearing is MESH, and comes in 5 sizes, plus the alpha layer. Very versatile, you can dress it up with a skirt, or down with shorts like I did.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Post #309

Top: cheeky! Strapless top yellow cherry MESH

Hair: LoQ Champagne light blonde pack

Teeth: Izzie's Teeth set tattoo teeth 8 pack ♥ty Izzie

Post #308

Top: Pink Acid Springy summer top in pink

Skirt: cheeky! Jeans mini mesh hello kitty

Lipgloss: Pink Acid Cotton candy lipgloss purple & pink

Hair: LoQ Cobbler for Gold group members strawberry(in-world group gift)

Post #307

Top: cheeky! My summer top rosa/black MESH

Pants: cheeky! Short Baggy! dirty jeans MESH

Hair:LoQ Cookie hair for TDRB sweet blonde

Shoes: Pixel Fashion Mya clogs black/white

Nails: WTG French nail

Post #306

Skin: Filthy Laika II cream

Hair: LoQ hair for The dressing room blue Cookie fat pack

SALE!!! Filthy is having this beautiful skin on sale only till tonight for only $99Lfor a fatpack. The hair is also in The dressing room for only $70L for a fatpack of 25 colors. You get 2 great items, lots of options on both and you don't spend a ton of money! I also went over and joined the LoQ gold member group, (there is a small fee), got a free hair, and they have an outlet store with hairs under $200L. Here is the landmark to LoQ .

Post #305

Top: Censored for Miss & Miss Project Lucy blouse  ♥Cindy

Skirt: cheeky! Jeans mini mesh ornament

Shoes: Censored for Miss & Miss Project Sami pumps  ♥Cindy

Hair: Wasabi pills Hawk mesh hair browns pack

Eyes: Izzie's Natural eyes mesh ocean blue  ♥Izzie

Lipstick: Izzie's Vibrant Brianna lipsticks cyan  ♥Izzie

Skin: Izzie's Brianna skin sunkissed Light Brows CLeavage FReckles ♥Izzie

Nails: Izzie's French nails ♥Izzie

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Post #304

Outfit: Felicious Strawberry Shortcake complete outfit

Nails: Love soul Prim nails Sweet Strawberry

Good evening girls! Here I am curled up watching "Darkness falls" and doing my last post for the evening. I have a uber-cute outfit from Felicious. Its called Strawberry shortcake and includes the following: hat with or without hair, tail, boomers, top, skirt, bracelets, gloves and the shoulder pet named Custard. I paired it with the strawberry nails from Love soul, to complete my strawberry-licious look.

Post #303

[caption id="attachment_1744" align="aligncenter" width="640" caption="All makeups shown"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1745" align="aligncenter" width="640" caption="All brow options w/freckles"][/caption]


[caption id="attachment_1746" align="aligncenter" width="640" caption="All lipsticks shown"][/caption]

Skin: al VULO! Leilani Fatpack milk

Hair: Exile Rivers run dark brown

Earrings: Mon Cheri Peacock feather earrings Palette I

Post #302

Top: Holli pocket Under my umbrella set baby pink

Jeans: Holli pocket Lacey bumbum jeans

Hat: Onigiri Animal hat Kitty 2.0

Post #301

Outfit: Dilly dolls Emilie group giftie mint

Shoes: Dilly dolls Espy hates love wedges fatpack

Hair: Exile Misha dark browns

Skin: Jesylilo 2012 Doll skin fatpack (all makeups shown)

Hullo girls! XD I am wearing a Dilly dolls outfit, the outfit was free if you joined the in-world group, and there is a fee for joining. The shoes come with a hud to tint the shoes, heart and you can choose straps or no-straps. The skin is by Jesylilo and you must be in the inworld group to purchase it, but joining the group is free. The skin comes in a fatpack or you can purchase them seperately.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Post #300

Skin: Mother Goose's MiChi III (B) set

Hair: Lamb Oh baby doll MESH mad pack

I am showing the Mother goose skin, all the makeups in the fatpack are shown. The hair from Lamb is also mesh, so be sure you have the right viewer to see it. I loved the detail on the skin, some have a heavier blush then others, and the lips have lots of detail. There is a shape and eyebrow included in the pack, but I am not wearing them. This is my 300th post! Woot! My 6 month blogging anniversary is coming up May 6,2012. Almost here. ^_^

Post #299

Outfit: Censored Barbie bitch dress

Hair: Lamb Betty Jean mesh mad pack

Skin: Filthy Jenny tan (all makeups shown in fatpack)

I had a lot of skins, sitting in my inventory that I hadn't shown yet, I figured I should get around to it. This is the new skin from Filthy, called Jenny in the tan tone. It comes with 8 makeups, in the fatpack. It has a heavy pink blush on the cheeks, different colors of eyeshadows, and lipglosses. There are cleavage and non-cleavage options as well as the shape(not shown). The cute dress from Censored is pink with black lace down the front and sides.

Post #298 cStar Limited Priscilla skin

Skin: cStar Limited Priscilla skin

Hair: Wasabi pills Teeloh MESH hair browns pack

cStar released a new skin called Priscilla and it comes in 4 different tones. Cream, Ivory,Light and Light lavender, with A,B, and C cups. I am wearing all 4 tones in the picture, in the order that I listed them in. I am also wearing the new Wasabi pills hair, that is MESH. Both are out now, so you can purchase them. <3

Post #297 Hush Lily Skin line

Skin: Hush Lily skin fatpack (all tones are shown above/all makeups are shown below)

Eyelashes: Hush Lush lashes

Hush released a new skin line, called Lily. There are 6 tones available: caramel, cocoa,cream, honey,sugar and vanilla. I am wearing one of each shade in the first photo, while wearing the Seduce make-up. Lily has a light sprinkle of freckles along the cheek apple & nose. I also wore the medium brow color to match my hair. In the second photo, I am wearing one of the makeups that come on the skin. They are called: bewitched, captivate, natural, ravish, and seduce. All beautiful, with a heavy eyeliner, except for the natural. I am also wearing the Hush lush lashes. (I am not wearing the Lily shape however). The lashes are prim lashes, that come in top and bottom add-ons. You can also purchase the other eyelashes, or the fatpack and mix and match!

Post #296

Outfit: ZUZU U DJ Kitty green

Hair: Exile Meg dark browns

Hands: Miasnow Hands relaxed

HUD: Miasnow hands HUD for ring pops colors

Skin: Hush May group gift Marin rainbow vanilla mb

More kittyness for ya girls. Mrs. Koolkitty made this cute and sexy complete outfit. Ears, tail, jacket, boots, armwarmers, leg band, dress, tattoo and headphones. *snuggles to you Mrs. Koolkitty for the outfit!* Hush's group gift this month is another version of the Marin skin, called rainbow that you can only get if you join the in-world group. There is a small fee, and you get monthly gifts, and know about the new releases! Mrs. Miasnow sent me my new hands, and this was my first time trying them out. It was actually really easy. You just add the alpha layer and then the hands. The hud that comes with the hand to adjust skin color, nail color and metal color was really easy to use. There are also bracelets to help hide the seam, but I didn't wear them since I had the armwarmers for the outfit. The additional hud allowed me to change the ring pop colors to green to match my outfit. Thank you Mrs. Miasnow! XD

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Post #295

Top: Blah My bitch shirt pretty

Panties: Blah My star panties pink

Hair: Burley Hannah browns

Hair accessory: Burley Missie Mouse #5

Lipgloss: Pink Acid Rainbow lip gloss 2 pack

Another pink and cute look for ya girls. I am heading off early to work some more on a scarf I am making and prob some more house work. Ugh, housework. :p

Post #294

Outfit: ZUZU U Panda Kitty pink

Lipglosses: Pink Acid Gummi bear lipglosses & lashes 16 pack

Hair: Exile Malibu light blondes

Another cute outfit from ZUZU U, this is another complete outfit, with everything you see in the picture. Top, shorts, boomers, glasses, ears, tail, collar, armwarmers, and the stars tattoo. On the boomers, its pandas, lollipops and bows, the ears have silver piercings and the tail is black and pink shaded. The lipglosses are absolutely yummy, I took pictures of all the colors in the pack (I didn't wear the tattoo eyelashes that are an option), and that shine you see on them, is NOT from my lighting, its actually on the glosses themselves. I usually don't do much to "enhance" my photos, I consider myself a simple girl. I crop, liquify(I don't like pointy elbows), and blur sometimes but, thats about it. I hope I am not coming off, sounding like a bitch, (even though I am one :p), just stating the facts. Happy shopping as always girls, and thank you to Mrs. Koolkitty and Mrs. Stasey for provding my outfit and make-up. ♥

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Post #293

Outfit: ZUZU U Jellypop Kitty blueberry burst  XOXO, to you Mrs. Koolkitty

Skin: Pink fuel Elly Honey Tiffany light brow/freckle with add Pop lipstick Electron

Hair: Exile Lindsey light blondes

Hiya girls! XD. Got another great sponsor to introduce to you, its ZUZU U, a neko store that sells full outfits. I am wearing the completel Jellypop kitty outfit, from the ears all the way down to the shoes. The dress, headband, ears, tail, shoes, bracelets, necklace, and the mouth nahm come with the outfit. Mrs. Koolkitty also just re-did her store, and you can join the in-world group to show her some love. <333

Post #292

Top: Aura Bound dark pink corset mesh

Skirt: Aura Bullet proof ruffled pencil skirt skull black mesh

Jewelery: Maxi Gossamer Giselle opal set midnight black mesh

Boots: Insolence Christine boots black mesh

Hair: Exile Love song light blondes

Skin: Illusory Love honey smoked light brows & teeth

This post is absolute proof you can wear multiple mesh! Lol, but it took some doing, I had to add everything, and chose my poses carefully. I thought I was going to crash every few seconds, but I managed to stay in. I also think this is my first time going blonde. I have been trying out different hair colors and skins lately, to bring a bigger variety to my blog. I know most girls have their favorite hair color, mine will always remain pink. I am actually brunette irl, (but I would love some pink highlights) so I decided to go that route for a more natural look. I am loving Exile hairs lately, I love the way they look in my photos. Happy shopping ladies! XD

Post #291

Outfit: Felicious Lady bug Kitteh

Hair: Truth Cassie w/roots caramel

Nails: Life of me Ladybug nails

Skin: JesYliLO Nieve lightskin J2 w/teeth

Hello ladies! Welcome Felicious as my newest sponsor! I am wearing the lady bug outfit, it comes with all the accessories you see in the picture. Dress, wings, boomers, collar, stockings, antennae, ears and tail. You can find it at Felicious in the clothing section. Ladybugs make me think of summer picnics, but without the ants of course. Happy shopping! XD

Post #290

Dress: Cheeky Animal dress Lila leo

Skin: Av!sage Lilly summer skin (3 cleavage options) I am wearing B

Hair: Truth Amelia browns

Shoes: Av!sage Kicks Leo pink

Necklace: Glow studio Szark onyx

Everyone welcome my newest sponsor Av!sage. I am showing one of the beautiful skins, just in time for that summer look. I also went more kitty-ness on this look, going back to one of my fav things. Cats of course! The eyelashes are on the skin, and I didn't need to wear any prim ones. There was a slight blush on the cheeks, as well as the green shade for the eyes and a nude lip. Happy shopping girls! XD

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Post #289

Top: Dirtyland Can't breathe corset

Skin: CStar limited Miss Taurus skin 2012 amber C cup

Hair: Magika [duo] remember mesh

Horns: Panda express Trihorns-chained

Post #288 GFW

Swimsuit: Divinity Boutique for GFW Nyan Cat bikini

Earrings: Undefined lilies Petting zoo cat

Hair: Truth   Rhonda browns caramel w/roots

Skin: Modish for BDE Morning after fair

Post #287

Top: Izzie's Striped summer top pink/black

Shorts: Izzie's Ripped denim shorts black

Eyes: Ikon Utopia eyes purple + blue v2

Hair: Ploom Cacey tipped candy MESH

Eyelashes: Miamai Catwalk eyelashes evergreen femme MESH

Nails: Love soul Sweet girl medium

I am just loving mesh! These eyelashes were so easy to adjust and I am loving all the ones from Miamai. They have lots of other styles too, and I tried to get in close to show the detail on the eyelashes and the eyes. I have been testing things lately, trying to expand my style a bit too. Happy shopping girls!

Post #286

Outfit: Censored Amelie set group gift FREE

Shoes: Juicy Classic pumps fatpack grape

Eyebrow jewelery: LaGyo crystal brows baby

Hair: Ploom Haley tipped

Monday, April 23, 2012

Post #285

Top: Dirtyland Wet tank top 8 colors pink

Skirt: Dirtyland Micro caro skirt 8 colors black

Face tattoo: Hysteria for Horror Haute Latex Rain

Hair: Ploom Haley tipped candy

Teeth: Izzie's Teeth set #4

Hiya girls! Another post of fun and fabulous things for you. I decided to pick my fav colors from the dirtyland packs to show you, but there are other colors in the pack. Also Izzie released some tattoo teeth layers, and this is just showing one of the cute layers. Horror Haute is right around the corner and this is a sneak peek at Hysteria's tattoo. Stay tuned with me to see all the great sneak peeks!

Post #284

Dress: Weird designs Addicted pink

Shoes: Weird designs Ballerina flats white

Necklace: LaGyo Luxury mark necklace pink

Headband: Dirtyland Emo headband

Lots of newness to show! Weird designs just released this dress today and Dirtyland released the headband today. I just love shopping. XD. I love this necklace, I have worn it at least twice now, you girls know how much I love pink! All in all, I think another cute look.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Post #283

Lingerie: The Bishes lingerie set black/pink

Head accessory: Lagyo Anemone headpiece pack pale pink

Shoes: Juicy shoes Classic pumps everything pack squid ink

Poses: {W&R} Take me couple pose(first photo), As you wish couple pose (second photo) sold seperately

Post #282

  Top: Mon Tissu Gathered frills blouse cream

Shorts: Mon Tissu Greta original

Shoes: Mon Tissu Cottage flats black

Hair accessory: LaGyo Anemone headpiece Aurora

Skin: Krasota Eve skin fatpack T.2 M.1

Bracelet: Juicy charm bracelet free

Post #281 Fantasy Faire #3

Outfit: Angelwing The spring fairy in cream

Shape: Salt & Pepper Bianca (no modifications on the shape)

Eyelashes: Miama Catwalk lashes Fantasia white butterfly mesh

Hair: Truth Anastasia browns fatpack mahogany w/roots

Poses: Apple spice Ballet

Eyes: Insufferable Dastard Gem eyes light gray

Eye-add on: Insufferable Dastard ID eye effects prim shine+glow Prim shine 6

I decided to try something a little different and went for a more natural look. I had headed down to the Fantasy faire, for the first time, and I really couldn't stay too long. As some of you know my comp has been giving me problems, with lag when I am in SL. I gave the landmark for the main store for Angelwing, but the outfit is available at the faire. I actually had a hard time picking out which outfit to purchase. I thought all of them were beautifully detailed, and I finally settled on this one, 1. cause its pink, 2. cause its stunning. I also got a new shape, which I love (you know I love my lips to really stand out.) The Apple spice poses are available at the main store or at the pose fair.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Look #280 Fantasy Faire #2

Dress: Vengeful threads for Fantasy Faire Nevermore dress

Piercing: Vengeful threads for Fantasy Faire Golden Ankh piercing set

Outfit: Vengeful threads for Fantasy Faire Ravenous (this includes top, pants, shoes, belt, jacket, gloves & jacket)

Another sneak peek at great items that will be featured only at Fantasy Faire!

Look #279

Outfit: Alter Ego Ima ma'fkn princess (top, stockings, shoes, crown & bracelets)

Hair: Truth Bunny group gift

Skin: LAQ Minna Fair 5-pack (shown with cleavage enhancer & freckles add-on)

Look #278

Lingerie: Mon Cheri Sequin Chemise fatpack (all colors shown for fatpack)

Lipstick: Censored Secret lipstick fatpack (all colors shown for fatpack)

Some more beautiful lingerie from Mon Cheri, in all the colors you can imagine. I wore the garter straps that came with it(its kinda hard to see in the pictures) and the stockings. All glittered up, your partner is sure to be dazzled. I am also sharing the new lipstick from Censored. All different shades and colors, sure to please your palette. Thank you ladies for sending me these great products to show!

Look #277

Top: cheeky! for GSP My sexy scarf shirt mesh

Pants: Useful things for Kawaii fair mesh

Skin: The plastik Samhain 2010-Otherworldly Skeleskin

Eyes: Esuga Invader eyes

Look #276

Dress: {W&R} for Horror Haute Bubble mesh dress Dark bunny

Hair: Exile Tonight tonight wildcards pack

Skin: Bon!ta Camille group gift FREE after group join

Necklace: Hollyweird Angelik necklace red

Tattoo: Pekka Crazy bitch

Look #275-Fantasy Faire

Outfit: Alter ego trend whore-grey lucky letter chair win!

Skin: Filthy April group gift skin FREE!

Shoes:Dark Goddess designs for Fantasy Faire CC Flame boots

Motorcycle: Dark Goddess designs for Fantasy Faire The Wraith

The Fantasy Faire officially opens today, I am sure you girls are just as excited as I am. Here are two items from Dark Goddess designs. The faire benefits Relay for life and the fight agasint cancer. Are you or a loved one battling cancer?  Find out how many ways the American Cancer Society is there to help.  Visit or call (US) 800-ACS-2345. Come on down girls, its for a good cause.

Look #274

Dress: cheeky! for Stuff in stock My balloon dress summerlife mesh

Skin: cheeky! for Kawaii Fair Nanami skin pale

Necklace: Glow studios Italian Briolette necklace

Hair: red mint (r)M~Hair no. 24 (fantasy /wlocks) pink/argent

Antlers: Freaky design for SIHH Spring flower antlers

Shoes: INSOLENCE Christine pink boots mesh

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Look #273

Top: Epic for SIHH Basic heart hoodie mesh

Shorts: Epic Ripped cowgirl cutoffs fatpack vintage

Hooves: Epic Faun/Demon bloody white garter socks

Lipstick: Pekka CRYSTAL lipstick #2

Face tattoo: Pekka Kitty face tattoo

2nd Face tattoo: Pekka Bloody mess tattoo

Look #272

Outfit: AD Creations Tender 420

Hair: Love soul Hair 60 pink

Skin: Ploom Maia-vanilla-LB-afterlife

Look #271

Outfit: Sakide for SIHH Spring shiny jeans & Cashmere top

Skin: Ploom Maia-Vanilla-LB-melon

Hair: Exile Someone like you wildcards pack

Post #1949

Sponsors- Sn@tch Moonfae sheer lingerie @Mainstore Sn@tch Mercy eye makeup @Mainstore Sn@tch Karla hair @Mainstore The Litt...