Sunday, May 6, 2012

Post #330 My 6th month anniversary!

Outfit: Les sucreries de fairy Vampire cat {this includes: shoulder pet,hat w/ears,dress,skirt,boots,tattoo,gloves,bracelet,necklace,garter,socks & whiskers}

Hair: boon NZE784 blonde pack sandy

Hairbase: boon gathered mid base all colors sandy

I did it! I didn't know way back when I started it would be such a winding road. I have met some great, wonderful supportive people in second life, that have supplied me with some awesome stuff to blog about, put up with me dropping tons of notecards, harassing them for stuff, and my constant talking especially after I have too many Dr.pepper's. I remember my first post, how nervous I was, I didn't even know if anyone would look at my blog. I started out only blogging goth items, and moved on to blogging anything and everything. I decided to be as diverse as possible in what I blog about, cause I like different things too. As most of you know, I love anything gory (I am ALWAYS watching a horror movie when you see me online in SL), but I also love kawaii things, rainbows, kitties, anything pink! 900 pictures later,330 posts,9872 page hits,6 months and 73 sponsors,here I am to stay! I would like to thank everyone, there are so many of you list, but I think each and every one of you know who you are. Thank you to my sponsors, my friends,my feeds, my fans, just all of you. I couldn't do this without any of you guys. ♥

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