Thursday, June 28, 2012

Post #487 Welcome Beautycode!

Outfit: Beautycode Casual outfit Rhianna {shown in black, blue, brown & red} sold separately

Outfit: Beautycode Sweater outfit Jane {shown in blue,brown,green,orange & pink} sold separately

Hair: Milana Heather light browns

Welcome Beautycode as my newest sponsor! Beautycode specializes in skins, shapes and clothes. These are some of their newest releases, be sure to head down to the store to see everything and as always Happy shopping ghouls! XD Your pink limo awaits HERE

Post #486 Poppy love <3

Dress: AD Creations Gothic summer white 350 <33 Aliza

Skin: AD Creations Black B skin Zombie Popcorn

Post #485

Outfit: Censored Manuella Group gift

Outfit: Seven Eliz outfit

Top: Useful things mesh short one shoulder hoodie mesh

Pants: Useful things gaga pants mesh

Hair: Truth Brandy in browns

Nails: Shock factory Plaid in colors nails

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Post #484

Top: Sugar & Cyanide Corsets goth mesh

Pants: Useful things hot leggings black mesh

Skin: BC Skins & shapes Fiona tan fatpack

Eyelashes: MStyle lashes bad elf

Nails: Shock factory Shine tech nails

Piercing: Shock factory Claws of death piercing

Earrings: Shock factory Graceful death earrings

Lollipop: Revenant Sweetheart lollipops

Tattoo: Superbia Tattoo Emily dreams Perfect Wardrobe

Post #483 Mirror's Enigma Gula skin line

Skin: Mirrors Enigma Gula fair skin Base bundle

Skin: Mirrors Enigma Gula fair skin Runway bundle

Skin: Mirrors Enigma Gula fair skin Sweet bundle

{Each bundle comes with the following: 5 make-up styles,6 full skin variations of each makeup,a shape in 3 sizes(not shown),eyes in amber & brown, and the following add-on features: teeth tattoo layer, teeth tattoo layer bigger,2 eyebrows,2 eyeshadows & 1 lip color w/2 variations.}

Lingerie: Mon Cheri Sweet 16 Pink dotty lingerie

Hair: Milana Emma light browns

Post #482

Skin: Hush Hanna (mb)

Shape: AnnaA Isabella

Lingerie: Mon cheri Sweet 16 green skulls

Skin: Hush Juliette (mb)

Shape: AnnaA Tina

Lingerie: Mon cheri sweet 16 grey cherry

Outfit 1:  Top: Censored Ravena top Summer hunt #1 prize

Shorts: Censored cargo shorts Summer hunt #2 prize

Skin: Censored Camila skin Summer hunt #5 prize

Outfit 2: Dress: Censored Kakaw dress Summer hunt #3 prize

Outfit: Swimsuit: Censored Gaby swimsuit & hat Summer hunt #4 prize

The Summer hunt is sponsored by Censored and Exclusivy. All items are between 5L-25L. The landmarks to find the items are HERE and HERE. Hint: Look for the orange juice.

Post #481

Outfits: May's soul Tea girl in beige, blue & green (sold separately) mesh

Hair: Milana Joy light browns

Skin: Belleza Lily V1 SKin 1 w/cleavage

Outfit: Sugar and Cyanide Panda romper mesh GFW

Make-up: W&R Anime makeup set

Lipgloss: Pink Acid BDJ doll lips 9 color pack

Lipgloss: Pink Acid Skittles lip gloss 7 color pack

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Post #480

Outfit: Censored Rompers in black,blue & purple (sold separately)

Jewelery: Izzie's Wooden bangles in brown

Skin: How cute is that! Sepia/pure

Outfit: Tentacio Go to the beach mesh rompers for Perfect Wardrobe

Bag/Hat: Tentacio Summertime for Perfect Wardrobe

Skin: How cute is that! Barbie/bronze

Sunglasses: Miel hipster peepers candy gloss

Post #479

Rompers: Sugar & Cyanide mesh rompers fatpack {all styles shown}

Skin: Luv my pixels Allie skin line {all tones shown, teeth tattoo later comes with each skin}

Hair accessory: Izzie's flower gacha white

Bracelets: Izzie's Lily bracelet white

Pose: Princessmode Insidious poses Designer Circle13

Post #478

Dresses: Sweeter then candy Bethany mesh dresses {all colors are shown} sold separately

Hair accessory: charme fleur de mer headband

Skin: how cute is that? snow skin in apricot

Hair: Ploom Charlie

Necklace: Maxi Gossamer Esme set in pearl

Dresses: Sweeter then candy Bina mesh dresses {all colors shown} sold separately

Skin: how cute is that? rose skin in apricot

Hair accessory: charme soucis headband

Necklace: Maxi Gossamer Golden pearly pink

Post #477 Welcome How cute is that?

Shape: How cute is that? Princess shape

Skin: HCIT? Petal skin {all tones} (each skin comes with a cleavage layer,full body freckle layer & face freckle layer)

Outfit: HCIT? Rose petals outfit (Shoes,jeans & 3 different colors of tops, only tan is shown)

Eyelashes: HCIT? Prim lashes version 1

Hair: Ploom Aidyn

Earrings: Maxi Gossamer Pearl daises

Nails: Adoness Depraved summer love hunt gift (necklace,hair bow,rings & nails) Starting point of hunt

Everyone welcome How cute is that? to our happy and ever-growing family. They specialize in skins, shapes, cosmetics & clothes. A limo is HERE or you can visit them on the marketplace HERE. Be sure to grab the prim lashes(I am wearing them above) at a promo price of only $50L on the marketplace!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Post #476 Mirror's Enigma Socordia line

Skin: Mirror's Enigma Socordia medium Base bundle

Skin: Mirror's Enigma Socordia medium Gothic bundle

Skin: Mirror's Enigma Socordia medium Mix bundle

Each bundle comes with 5 makeup styles,4 full skin variations,a shape in 3 sizes,2 sets of eyes: black & blue(shown), nail cover-up, 2 teeth tattoo layers(shown in last two photos).

Post #475 Horror Haute

Outfit: The little bat Vivian in dust Horror Haute

Skin: Mystic Canvas Sheena skin & shape(not shown) Horror Haute

Eyes: Saturnine dreams Undead eyes Pack Midnight monster shown Horror Haute

Post #474 #2

Dress: Sugar & Cyanide Retro dress mesh

Handbag: Izzie's Heart bag pink leo

Hair accessory: Izzie's Hair flowers pink gacha

Skin: Sugar Starchild for Stuff in stock

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Post #474

Skin: AnnaA Honey shape & light skin line {shown with cleavage 2 & freckles} <33 Anna

Eyes: Shock Last vision eyes in sky blue large <33 IIary

Lingerie: Mon cheri Sweet 16 gothic pink <33 Freya

Piercing: AnnaA Joy dark

Nails: Shock All shoes nails

Tattoo: AnnaA Brandings "gimme all" fatpack stars %65

Tattoo: AnnaA Brandings II "gimme all" fatpack neko 65%

Post #473 Welcome Shock Factory!

Skin: Shock Kisha skin line (shown in dark brows, light brows are also available)

Eyes: Shock Mirage eyes in purple large

Lingerie: Mon cheri sweet 16 in Gothic cherry

Welcome Shock factory as my newest sponsor! They specialize in skins, eyes, nails and a lot more. Here is the limo LIMO. Happy shopping ghouls!

Post #472 Rev time!

Outfit: Rev Alice

Skin: Candy metal Spring gift skin

Hair: Adoness Kyme in blood Summer time hair sale

Outfit: Rev Aries

Outfit: Rev Avenge me

Outfit: Rev Bite me

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Post #471

Dress: Katat0nik Fruit swirl dress poison

Shoes: Katat0nik Allura wedges

Neko parts: Katat0nik Neko ears/tail black & white

Skin: Shock Kisha glamour {Only $1L}

Hair: Adoness Caley coffee Summer time hair sale!

Post #1949

Sponsors- Sn@tch Moonfae sheer lingerie @Mainstore Sn@tch Mercy eye makeup @Mainstore Sn@tch Karla hair @Mainstore The Litt...