Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Post #949

Top: Immateria monster within midnight mesh 4Horror haute
Skirt: QE spring mini braaaaains mesh
Ears: Pop tart Kitty gear gatcha skulls rare
Makeup: Pink acid 2 much eyemakeup 12 pack
Top: DK hooked on you corset mesh 4Horror haute
Makeup: Pink acid cupcake glaze gloss & teeth 6 pack
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer Titania's filigree heart mesh

Outfit: MV Creepy crawler 4Horror haute
Eyeshadow: Izzie's Holly camo
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer delightful dahlia 
Makeup: Pink acid Breeze lipstick frost edition 6 pack

Monday, April 29, 2013

Post #948

Top: R3volt Jynx strapped jacket v3 black
Pants: Ducknipple studded leggings mesh
Skin: Shine Anela violet @SYSP
Accessory: Utopiah military handset 
Tattoo: Para designs goth candy tattoo
Accessory: Utopiah my devilish horns in black

Top: R3volt Jynx strapped jacket 
Skirt: Ducknipple Mirna skirt mesh 
Leggings: Erratic ripped stockings fatpack
Horns: Mes sucreries Manga horns black
Hair: Tameless Katarina fatpack

Top: R3volt black Luna strapped top v1
Skirt: Ducknipple Emma skirt mesh
Shoes: Shine Iris mesh boots black
Armwarmers: Scrub A firm woman mesh
Accessory: Zombie suicide steampunk gas mask skulls

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Post #947

Outfit: Newtique Rawr outfit mesh w/tango appliers 4Going bust
Hair: Tameless Muriel mesh naturals fatpack
Skin: Mirror's enigma Azuka light skin pack
Makeup: Mirror's enigma Azuka eyeshadow Hot spring pack & Azuka butterfly lips pack
Piercing: Zombie suicide simple nose ring 4Little big hunt
Accessory: Dirytland body belts

Top: Sexz bustiershirt purple ombre w/tango applier 4Going bust
Pants:R3volt Erika hotpants v1 mesh
Hair: Action Megan overdose
Skin: 7DS Sloth busty candy 4Going bust
Tattoo: Dotties Loveleg tattoo
Horns: Mes sucreries manga horns chained black

Outfit: Epic Henley mini dress black 4Going bust 
Accessory: Zombie suicide striped bandana 
Bag: Monnier hungry crocodile bag pink @Stuff in stock
Sunglasses: Gola Hotpapper @Stuff in stock

Friday, April 26, 2013

Post #946 Princess B and ME

Top: R3volt Luna strapped top v2 Leopard mesh
Shorts: Ducknipple Ani hotpants mesh
Collar: R3volt Bellatrix collar v2 chained mesh
Shoes: E.studs leather boot fatpack 6 colors mesh
Hair: Action Megan overdose mesh
Accessory: Dirtyland serrated socks
Tattoo: Dirtyland leopard full body tattoo

WOot! So Princess B asked me to do a blog post with her and I was soooo excited! I have never done a blog post with someone else before, so she popped that cherry. ;) Hehe. You totally need to check out her awesome blog, its on my blog list, and the link to our post is above.I will admit to checking out her blog a LOT, I gotta perv her smexy butt. It was so much fun girl, including the wardrobe malfunction on my part, lets do it again sometime! XD xoxo

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Post #945

Outfit: R3volt pink Lona romper mesh
Shoes: Severed garden Tsuki flowers mesh
Hair: Analog dog Mono splash mesh
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer Crystal glass teardrop
Skin: PXL Sophia NAT fatpack 
Accessory: Utopiah daisy headband
Tattoo: Para designs Spring bloom tattoo
Eyes: Dead apples Nebula eyes fantasy edition fatpack

Monday, April 22, 2013

Post #944

Top: Corvus undead top mesh 4Horror Haute
Pants: R3volt black studded leggings mesh v2
Makeup: Utopiah Hidden eyes makeup
Accessory: Crush bullet headband black
Nails: Bamboo nails Drow nails
Piercing: Hebenon vial Stud retro rock mesh

Post #943

Outfit: 20.Five mesh bow romper
Shoes: CK Noemi mesh heels
Piercing: Hebenon vial Holes II Skittlelicious
Hair: Ploom Lislie ploomage mesh @My attic event
Nails: Action R. mesh stiletto nails Full spring/summer set
Jewelery: Pepper Think pink bracelet set
Tattoo: Jim pollinate tattoo @Bees through the seasons

Post #942

Dress: Milk My sweet party dress in birthday cake mesh
Shoes: R3volt Eevie boots V2
Piercing: Useful things Beast piercing pink
Piercing: Useful things Beast spikes pink
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer Purse & kitten heels mesh
Bracelets: Maxi Gossamer Sugar candy bangles in pink
Hair: Ploom Moshi ploomage mesh
Nails: Bamboo nails berry plum

Post #940

Dress: cheeky! Mae dress mesh black w/Tango appliers
Hair: Ploom Hoshi ploomage mesh
Accessories: Pink acid Queen bee antennas & Queen bee wings @Bees through the seasons
Makeup: Pink acid Queen bee full makeup @Bees through the seasons
Necklace: Intrigue co Bumble bee jewelery
Nail hud: Izzie's Slink metallic nails applier hud for hands & feet @Perfect wardrobe
Accessory: Sugar heart Bees knees @Bees through the seasons

Top: cheeky! Tech shirt black mesh w/Tango appliers
Skirt: R3volt Morgynn SKirt v3 pitted leather black mesh
Shoes: Little bones Spiked maiden black mesh @SL fashion week
Piercing: Hebenon vial Jewel oil mesh
Accessory: Erratic stockings skull 
Jewelery: RO Bitch rings
Eyes: Psycho byts cats eyes pink

Skirt: cheeky! Zia skirt black mesh
Accessory: BGTT My hearty pastries strawberry cake/strawberry icing
Makeup: Pink acid Jelly lip gloss @SL fashion week

Been working my ass off these past two days! Whew, I was sooooo behind, I didnt think I would get caught up. But I did, biatches! As most of you know I LOVE my TIzzie, hehe. And yes only I can call her that. I usually dont have time to chat on my blog, but I do tonight. If it werent for her, I would never wear my Slink hands or feet. I have always hated my feet in sl, but there they are above in their mesh glory. 

Oh and one more thing, I am ME, ME, ME, I dont want to be anyone else, cause well yeah, I am all kinds of pixel yumminess.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Post #941

Dress: Epic Faery glitter dress black mesh
Accessory: Epic Fairy sparkle monarch wings baby pink
Hair: Ploom Moshi ploomage mesh
Makeup: Pink acid Doll sugar lips @Fi*fridays

Hiya gurls! Jade hand painted this beautiful wings, and they and the dress are both available at Fantasy faire 2013! 

Post #939

Top: TL Polo shirts mesh in pink
Pants: Ducknipple Caprigo warm mesh
Shoes: CK Smexy sporty sneakers drama queen
Accessory: Poptart Kitty gear gacha kitty ears & muzzle pink leopard RARE
Accessory: Tentacio  bunny bag @Kawaii fair

Post #938

Dress: Poptart Poof dress purple mesh @Kawaii fair
Shoes: Poptart warmer heels purple 
Accessory: Poptart Netted star bow pink 
Accessory: Poptart glittercake mouthie & glittercake makeup 
Accessory: Well done atelier cat bag pink @SL fashion week

Top: Poptart Princess corset sequin black 
Skirt: Poptart Princess tutu glitter black
Accessory: Envious Kawaii glasses white
Accesory: Envious Cutie rings
Necklace: Ey:no Stiletto necklace


Post #937

Dress: Blah My pretty in polka dot mesh dress light pink @Kawaii fair
Purse: Blah My bow ponchette light pink @Kawaii fair
Shoes: Razor High molly legwarmers Kawaii kitty @Kawaii fair
Accessory: Kre-ations Look at me glasses sugar
Accessory: Luckie Glitta gloves white @Kawaii fair

Dress: Razor punk prom mesh dress @Kawaii fair
Gloves: Razor 4 finger kawaii star mesh gloves @Kawaii fair
Makeup: Pink acid pom pom lip shine & Pink acid Queen bee eye makeup @Bee's through the seasons (sold separately)

Outfit: Rotten defiance Kawaii chesire cat outfit @Kawaii fair
Skin: Anna's bodyshop Lisa light @Kawaii fair

Top: BE Trendy kitty hoodie mesh black @Kawaii fair
Shorts: BE Trendy kitty shorts mesh black @Kawaii fair
Bag: PP Black ladybug handbag @Kawaii fair
Shoes: SB Kawaii pumps w/socks @Kawaii fair
Accessory: Okkbye the daisy 2 pack @Bees through the seasons

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Post #936

Top: Sexz Pink kitty kawaii titty tee w/Tango appliers @Kawaii fair
Skirt: The Bishes  Inc mesh mini fatpack 
Shoes: Tentacio Kawaii sneakers mesh in pink
Piercing: Phoebe's piercings unisex face piercing b2 @Kawaii fair
Accessory: Blah My bow ponchette polka light pink @Kawaii fair
Accessory: Crash republic stripey knee socks @Kawaii fair

Post #935

Outfit: Anatomy My lil' camo outfit @Perfect wardrobe
Shoes: Ducknipple Greet boots mesh
Hat: Epic Kawaii Neko helmet @Perfect wardrobe
Makeup: Delusions Combat war ready makeup 

Top: Hollipocket Daydream long shrug mesh
Shorts: Milk my broken boy shorts mesh black

Post #934

Top: Revolt studded bra v2 pink glitter
Skirt: Revolt Morgynn skirt v1 black
Shoes: Revolt Eevie boots v3
Hair: Catwa Hoshi v2 blacks/whites
Piercing: Hebenon vial Alice metal mesh
Tattoo: Dirtyland leopard full body tattoo
Lipgloss: The sugar garden lip tinte meow
Ears: Epic bowie kawaii neko ears VIP gift

Top: Revolt Unicorn mesh shirt
Shorts: Revolt Bad ass low rise shorts v3 
Accessories: Luas cupcake set @Stuff in stock
Lipgloss: The sugar garden Pretty rainbow VIP gift

Top: Revolt Alice jacket v3 black
Pants: Revolt Suspender jeans v2 grunge
Shoes: Envious punk shady shoes
Accessory: Zombie suicide bandana headband
Accessory: Zombie suicide Bio surgical mask

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Post #933

Dress: Luckie Tuxedo dress black w/tango appliers @Bewbapalooza
Accessory: Evilkyoot Supah kawaii happy lil cloud @Kawaii fair
Accessory: Epic Kawaii neko boob tube @Kawaii fair gacha prize
Accessory: Epic Neo anime mask @Kawaii fair gacha prize

Outfit: QE Spring break frosting w/tango appliers @Bewbapalooza
Accessory: Crash republic kawaii bows @Kawaii fair
Necklace: Pink acid Kawaii cupcake sprinkles necklace & lip candy @Kawaii fair
Makeup: Pink acid Kawaii cupcake lipgloss & teeth 8 pack @Kawaii fair
Shoes: CK Noemi heels

Dress: Boobielicious My slutty black net dress w/tango appliers @Bewbapalooza
Makeup: Pink acid Candy glass lip gloss 6 pack
Horns: Kre-ations Mad potionist horns 
Shoes: Gang/cold An angel shoes black/pink

Post #932

Skin: Mirror's enigma Victoria peach skin bundle

Skins: Mirror's engima Azuka milk skin Spring 1-4 (each skin sold seperately) @Kawaii fair

Top: Mirror's engima Azuka kawaii shirt mesh @Kawaii fair
Shorts: Revolt grey dat ass open shorts mesh
Necklace: Retro bow necklace @Kawaii fair
Accessory: Bubble rainbow unicorn horn @Kawaii fair

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Post #931

Outfit: Tay-lay designs Cute little devil outfit (includes: dress, nahm, legwarmers, armwarmers, shoes, horns, tail, and attachments)

Outfit: Etchaflesh darkness Lilith corset dress mesh
Horns: Glam affair flora antlers black
Piercing: Hebenon vial jewel oil
Piercing: Puncture Hello titty piercing @TBBS

Lingerie: Mon cheri playsuit black w/tango appliers
Ears: Envious cutesy bunny ears

Post #930

Dress: Corvus anger simple dress mesh
Accessory: Catwa gayaa jeweled eye shadow v3
Shoes: Envious punk shady shoes

Dress: Corvus ripped red doll dress mesh
Accessory: Catwa gayaa jeweled eye shadow v1

Top: Corvus skull nina top mesh
Skirt: Corvus checks amy skirt w/thong

Post #929

Outfit: cheeky! bunny outfit w/tango appliers
Glasses: Sugar button nerd specs @Kawaii fair

Outfit: cheeky! dany dress mesh pink w/tango appliers
Horns: mes sucreries chained horns black
Bangles: ey:no mess bangles gold
Shoes: Gang cold 7th heaven pink

Top: Sassy! sassy sez mesh top miss bitch
Skirt: cheeky! Kathy extreme mini skirt
Accessory: May's soul eden patch skull
Accessory: ey:no butterfly belly chain
Necklace: Inside lab bow tie mesh

Post #928

Lingerie: Hollipocket lacey nighty minis set 6 w/tango appliers
Hair: Magika awake 03 mesh
Shoes: Sugar button Kawaii pumps w/socks pink @Kawaii fair
Nails: Forever young Kawaii nails @Kawaii fair
Mouthie: Sugar button Kawaii munched popsicle @Kawaii fair
Crown: Sugar button Princess crown @Kawaii fair
Ears: Pop tart moogi ears pink mesh @Kawaii fair

Top: Hollipocket basic memories tops camo set 3 w/tango appliers
Skirt: Ducknipple accidental skirt mesh w/panties
Accessory: May's soul eden patch crown

Post #927

Dress: Bitch tail begin again pink mesh
Shoes: Ducknipple Zaar boots mesh
Horns: Tentacio Spring antlers
Skin: Izzie's Holly skin spring edition VIP group gift

Dress: Bitch tail In the air mesh
Ears: Kre-ations Rise & shine ears
Glasses: PL nerdy glasses 

Outfit: Bitch tail Me pink
Glasses: PL hai kitty glasses @Kawaii fair
Purse: BE Leopard candy cluth @Kawaii fair
Shoes: PL wedge sneakers light cheetah @Kawaii fair
Accessory: Forever young Kawaii bow @Kawaii fair

Dress: Bitch tail Point made pink mesh
Necklace: MDL kawaii angel demon necklace @Kawaii fair
Bag: MDL cat bag kawaii @Kawaii fair
Shoes: PL wedge sneakers star struck @Kawaii fair

Outfit: Bitch tail Sugar rush mesh pink
Bag: MDL bunny bag kawaii @Kawaii fair

Post #1949

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