Friday, April 26, 2013

Post #946 Princess B and ME

Top: R3volt Luna strapped top v2 Leopard mesh
Shorts: Ducknipple Ani hotpants mesh
Collar: R3volt Bellatrix collar v2 chained mesh
Shoes: E.studs leather boot fatpack 6 colors mesh
Hair: Action Megan overdose mesh
Accessory: Dirtyland serrated socks
Tattoo: Dirtyland leopard full body tattoo

WOot! So Princess B asked me to do a blog post with her and I was soooo excited! I have never done a blog post with someone else before, so she popped that cherry. ;) Hehe. You totally need to check out her awesome blog, its on my blog list, and the link to our post is above.I will admit to checking out her blog a LOT, I gotta perv her smexy butt. It was so much fun girl, including the wardrobe malfunction on my part, lets do it again sometime! XD xoxo

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