Saturday, August 31, 2013

Post #1170

Top: Forever young Ryleigh tank mesh w/12 color hud
Bottom: Bella's boutique Micro mini leopard mesh 
Shoes: Envious Candi spats mesh limited edition
Neck piercing: Cute poison Quixotic piercing @SL fashion week
Makeup: Pink acid pom pom matte lips barbie
Face tattoo: Delusions face pasties pink
Armwarmers: Geek Pokesleeve pika pink
Headband: Noodles Darla headband pink

Friday, August 30, 2013

Post #1169

Dress: Sugar & Cyanide Eternity w/tango appliers @Silicone Sept1
Hair: Truth Marisol colors mesh
Necklace: Pekka Spiked collar black mesh
Horns: DRD Horns & chains mesh
Shoes: CK high sneakers skulls mesh
Armwarmers: Geek Pokesleeve wool black mesh
Headband: Noodles Cupcake bow headband pink
Leg tattoo: Sugarheart My sweet tattoos
Chest piercing: Pekka Missy piercing mesh
Skin: Deetalez Delicious skin Elly rose black smokey vanilla

Post #1168

Dress: Epic Kawaii monster dress w/tango appliers
Hair: Truth Hollana colors mesh
Shoes: Alterego magnum boots mesh
Ears: Half-deer Velven bunny ears Sugar rush RARE Available @Arcade Sept 1
Face tattoos: Strawberry Ice cream stickers
Rings: Squishes Polkadots rainbow promises ring @Jersey shore
Nails: Action Slink nails sweet tooth
Stockings: The whore mansion Punk stocking fatpack
Horn: Aisling Sugar rainbow horn For Taste the rainbow hunt prize
Teeth/tongue/piercing: Deetalez teeth & tongue piercing
Bewb tattoo: The whore mansion Kiss me tango tattoo

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Post #1167

Dress: QE Crista dress charcoal w/tango appliers Will be @Silicone SNEAK PEEK
Hair: Truth Caprice colors mesh
Shoes: Whatever Wing sneaker heel fatpack mesh
Headband: Fappy! We love gacha headband Unicorn RARE SNEAK PEEK
Rings: Poptart Cupcake rings Cupcakes Anonymous Hunt prize
Tattoo: Fappy! Tango tattoos Lady lace set 2
Piercing: Pekka Missy ver 2 chest piercing
Face piercing: ni.ju Dismantle piercing
Leg tattoo: Reckless Be the one to guide me tattoo
Tail: Aisling Candy tail Taste the rainbow Hunt prize
Face stars: Aisling sugar stars rainbows Taste the Rainbow Hunt prize
Eyes: Chus! Rikku lenses

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Post #1166

Top: Hollipocket Shreddin me mini tops set w/tango appliers @TBS
Bottom: Hollipocket Shreddin me mini skirts set 5 mesh
Hair: Dela Leila dipped party colors for boobs mesh
Piercing: Cute poison Chimerical piercing
Piercing: SU! Bonny piercing 
Shoes: CK High sneakers pink tartan mesh
Necklace: The whore mansion Slut like you necklace @TBS
Headband: Utopiah my spiky headband pink

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Post #1165

Lingerie: R3volt Cady studded set mesh
Shoes/legwarmers: Envious Girlfriend spats
Hair: Catwa Katya mesh 4 w/Ladymana pro hud (sold separately)
Ring: Tentacio Glam ring in pink
Piercing: Pekka Radioactive piercing unisex black
Horns: Utopiah My wicked horns black mesh
Necklace: Pekka Chain collar black mesh

Post #1164

Dress: Bella's boutique Baby doll dress textures mesh
Hair: Wasabi pills Valerie blacks mesh
Shoes: Candydoll Oxygen II leopard mesh For slink feet
Nails: Orc Inc. French nail set 1 For slink hands
Earrings: Cute poison Melting earrings pink @SL fashion week
Skin: Izzie's Kaelyn skin porcelain w/light pink lipstick, moles & smokey eyeshadow

Post #1163

Outfit: Poptart Misty skullgasm /tango applier
Legwarmers: Envious Sexy spats leather mesh
Makeup: Utopiah Stay beautiful makeup
Rings: Fappy! We love gatcha rings unicorn rare & kitty rare (sold separately)
Bracelets: Bowtique Sash accessory w/hud

Post #1162

Dress: The sugar garden Mini formal pink silk w/tango appliers 
Shoes: Envious Angel heels mesh
Ears: Gauge trapped ripped gelf ears mesh
Ice cream: 1Ohmai gingy's strawberry @Atelier kreslo festival
Bracelets: epoque menotte deuxieme full spectrum mesh
Rings: Envious Cutie rings

Post #1161

Top: Mes sucreries Mimie pink w/tango applier
Bottom: R3volt Kari boy shorts mesh
Shoes: High sneakers pink mesh
Accessory: May's soul chain face mesh
Makeup: Pink acid Sticky bun v2 & teeth frosted pink @SL fashion week
Armwarmers: Lolas Armwarmers mesh
Hairbow: Red acro accessory bow w/hud mesh
Tattoo: Nana Japan kawaii tattoo
Jewelery: Lark ice cream rainbow rare gatcha @SL thrift shop
Ice cream: Sugar's sweet heart ice cream @Atelier kresto festival

Friday, August 23, 2013

Post #1160

Top: Kennedy's Tiny tube top pink gingham w/tango appliers
Bottom: R3volt Mika mini v3 mesh
Makeup: Lovely disarray Attitude unisex face tattoo
Hair/shrug: Catwa Katya hair 4 mesh W/Ladymana pro hud (sold separately)
Stockings: Hollipocket Love hurts girly set 3
Shoes: Spoiled lil brat Brat wedges 2faced mesh

Post #1159

Top: Sugar & Cyanide Watch this black w/tango appliers
Bottom: R3volt Kacey frills panties v3 mesh
Accessory: R3volt Vera thigh highs v2 mesh
Shoes: Ducknipple Slip-ons w/hud mesh
Piercing: Cute poison Stellar piercing @SL fashion week
Hair: Wasabi pills Brenda candies mesh
Necklace: Pekka chain collar black
Bracelet: Candy crunchers melty swirly black
Nails: Nailed it! Neon set natural
Bow: Bella's boutique Bow mesh w/hud
Ears: Two cats fantasy neko ears

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Post #1158

Top: Mes sucreries Bettie top black w/tango appliers
Bottom: Hollipocket Bootie fun hawtie shorts mesh @Perfect wardrobe
Shoes: Envious Boyfriend spats mesh
Accessory: R3volt Minako arm warmers v2 mesh
Hair: Truth Elaine colors mesh
Accessory: Fappy! We love gacha headband kitty rare SNEAK PEEK!
Piercing: ni.ju Dismantle piercing
Jewelery: WC Moustache belly rings

Monday, August 19, 2013

Post #1157

Top: Severed garden Sura bikini fatpack mesh (only wearing top)
Bottom: R3volt Kate sarong v3 mesh
Hair: Ploom Sara ploomage mesh
Makeup: Pink acid Collagen lips v2 8 pack 
Glasses: Tea.s Lips glasses greedy pack mesh
Shoes: Candydoll Admiral magenta mesh For SLink feet
Nails: A:S:S SLink avatar enhancement system nails rainbow
Rings: Fappy! We love gatcha rings Kitty RARE & Unicorn RARE gatcha
Accessory: Happy undead Elmyra's bow silk dots
Tattoo: Utopiah Nothing else tattoo @ Perfect wardrobe

Post #1156

Top: Sugar & Cyanide Peasant top pink mesh @Stuff in stock
Bottom: Zombie suicide Lacey pants w/belt mesh @Perfect wardrobe
Hair: Ploom Sara ploomage mesh
Headband: Luas urban style Nicy headband
Makeup: The sugar garden Dolly lips bitten August VIP group gift
Jewelery: Cute poison Fragmented braclets 
Piercing: ni.ju Dismantle piercing
Skin: Sugar Emily tone 2 w/blush & dimples
Ears: Trap Gauze ripped ears w/piercings
Horns: Utopiah My rich horns bubblegum @SL fashion week

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Post #1155

Dress: Corvus Girl brit dress mesh
Skin: Sugar Emily tone 2 w/blush 1 & dimples
Stockings: Izzie's Cat tights @TDRF
Shoes: CK high sneakers black mesh
Ears: Gauze Trap ripped gelf ears mesh
Piercing: Zombie suicide Melly piercing
Jewelery: tea.s cutie bow necklace candy
Horns: Utopiah My rich horns bubblegum mesh

Friday, August 16, 2013

Post #1154

Dress: Hollipocket Glitzeh girlie mini set 2 w/tango appliers
Shoes: Ducknipple Sweakers patterns mesh
Hair: Dela Boobs hair Toni party dipped colors
Accessory: Tentacio pom pom headband
Makeup: Pink acid model lip gloss & teeth @SL fashion week
Horns: Utopiah My rich horns bubblegum mesh @SL fashion week
Accessory: Alterego Fuck me shades Vip group gift
Jewelery: Poptart starry bracelets

Post #1153

Top: R3volt Scarlett top v1 mesh
Bottom: Ducknipple Kenzo skirt mesh
Shoes: Ducknipple Marcy winged sneakers mesh
Hair: Truth Lyma colors mesh
Makeup: Lovely disarray the ophidian the glare 
Horns: Utopiah My rich horns raven mesh @SL fashion week

Post #1152

Top: Cheeky! Vest shirt mickey mesh 
Bottom: Hollipocket Fish up netty fatpack
Shoes: R3volt Bailey wedges v3 mesh
Jewelery: Cute poison Desultory earrings
Piercing: Cute poison Tsukimi piercings mesh
Hair: Adoness Myrina pitch black color fragrance

Post #1151

Outfit: Tay-lay designs My dirty-side outfit mesh Includes: jacket,panties, stockings, sunglasses, shoes, condom,gloves, tattoo & tie

Outfit: Tay-lay designs Wild thing outfit #2 mesh Includes: jacket,shoes,sunglasses,necklace,stockings,top,skirt,gloves & spikes

Outfit: Tay-lay designs Wild thing outfit #3 Includes: jacket, top, skirt, gloves, shoes, sunglasses, necklace & garter

Hair: Wasabi pills Valerie blacks mesh
Skin: Sugar Emily 2

Post #1150

Outfit: Sakide Ripple outfit mesh For SHH @Jersey shore
Shoes: CK Winged sneakers mesh
Jewelery: Utopiah Anchor set watch & bracelets
Skin: Zombie suicide Lindsey skin #4 tone 1

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Post #1149

Top: Kennedy's No slip shirt w/hud mesh
Bottom: Sugar & Cyanide Forbidden skirt mesh
Hair: Alice project Serena infinity mesh w/AP Hair dye hud Nova collection Fading summer (sold separately)
Shoes: CK Supa hot wedges wild pack mesh
Jewelery: Zombie suicide Star wristbands mesh
Accessory: Zombie suicide Skully bow hair tie mesh
Jewelery: Luas Urban style Kawaii clock necklaces pack
Tattoo: Tenjin My summer vaction tattoo For SHH @Jersey shore

Post #1148

Dress: DRBC Belladona dress zebra w/tango applier(not shown) For Summer hangover hunt @Jersey shore
Hair: Alice project Vicious infinity w/Sparkle princess hud (sold separately)
Shoes: CK Skinny legwarmers mesh
Accessory: Utopiah My cute boucle set in black
Jewelery: Maxi Gossamer Black widow spider bracelet & earring set
Jewelery: Maxi Gossamer Fleur de lis skull glass mesh

Post #1147

Top: Epic cute tee Mr.Cuppycake pack mesh
Bottom: DRBC Dotty frills & thrills panties mesh @GFW
Hair: Alice project Mika infinity hair & Sparkle princess hud (sold separately)
Tattoo: Zentro Dove tattoo @GFW
Shoes: Envious Pasley Sneakers black edition mesh
Piercing: Suicidal unborn Septum piercing fatpack

Post #1146

Top: Zombie suicide Draped bandana top v1 mesh
Bottom: Cheeky! Belt hip jeans mesh
Shoes: Envious Pasley sneakers black pack mesh
Hair: Xplosion Jaydee unisex hair crazys mesh
Makeup: Utopiah Greyscale lipgloss @Black fair
Makeup: Utopiah Black eyeliner pack 2 @Black fair
Accessory: R3volt Jaimy gloves v2 mesh
Ears: Zombie suicide Gauged base ears mesh w/leopard plug add-ons & Judgement piercing add-ons (sold separately)
Skin: Zombie suicide Lindsey skin #4 tone 1

Post #1145

Top: Corvus Black leather jacket mesh
Bottom: Fuk'n'hawt Punk skirt pink tartan mesh
Shoes: Envious Trap sneakers animal edition mesh
Hair: Xplosion Jackie hair crazys mesh
Makeup: Pink acid Hollywood lip shine & smear 10 pack
Jewelery: Sugar Hope necklace Homeless hunt prize
Ears: Zombie suicide Gauged ear bases mesh w/Day of dead plug add-ons & Judgement ear piercing add-ons (all three items are purchased separately)
Accessory: Utopiah Fantasy horns gothic set horns #3

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Post #1144

Top: Hollipocket Busty push ups set 4 w/tango appliers
Bottom: Alterego hella mini skirt mesh
Hair: Action Sharon overdose mesh
Accessory: R3volt Jaimy gloves v3 mesh
Jewelery: Maxi Gossamer Alexa black choker beads mesh @Black fair
Shoes: Epic Neo-trekkers foot gear black rainbow digi @Thrift shop 2

Post #1143

Top: QE designs Spring hoodie pink w/tango appliers 
Bottom: Kennedy's Kawaii cargo capris mesh
Shoes: Alterego Diva showstoppas @Thrift shop 2
Gloves: Ducknipple Opelia gloves mesh
Nails: Superbia piercings 2 polished @Thrift shop 2
Accessory: Blah my toxic patch black/pink @Black fair
Makeup: Pink fuel Metallic lips Taste the rainbow hunt prize
Hair: Alice project Delirium

Post #1142

Outfit: R3volt Julia harness v3 mesh @Black fair
Shoes: R3volt Sierra heels v2 mesh @Black fair
Hair: Taketomi Nya nurie mesh
Accessory: AS my cartoon crown black rare @Thrift shop2 gatcha
Makeup: Pink acid supreme eyeliner double pack @Black fair
Makeup: Pink acid BDJ lips black @Black fair
Skin: al vulo Virginia fairy fatpack

Post #1141

Top: Hollipocket Flutter me top peach w/tango appliers
Bottom: Poptart Skinny leggings (2 styles)
Shoes: Cute poison Lasum flip flops fatpack For SLink feet
Hair: Taketomi Nya Nurie
Accessory: Katat0nik Kattypop purse pink #2 gatcha
Jewelery: Katat0nik rainbow nada watch gatcha
Jewelery: Fappy We love gacha rings kitty classic & kitty rare @Thrift shop 2 gatcha

Post #1140

Dress: Cheeky! Date dress black mesh @Black fair
Shoes: Ducknipple spiked heels mesh
Hair: Clawtooth Say yes dazzle pack mesh @Collabor88
Accessory: Aisling sylochka obsidian gatcha @Fantasy gatcha fair
Accessory: Sn@tch Shannon garter socks dark pack @Thrift shop 2
Jewelery: Noodles Millie rose cameo necklace, headband & bracelet (sold separately) @Collabor88
Tattoo: Utopiah Abstract choking necklace 1# @Black fair

Post #1139

Top: Hollipocket Ruffle my flutters tie-dye coal mesh w/tango appliers @Black fair
Bottom: Ducknipple Droll skirt mesh
Shoes: Ducknipple Seabird wedges w/patterns mesh
 Hair: Clawtooth Angeles dazzle pack @Collabor88
Accessory: Zenith headband ribbon black mesh
Accessory: Katat0nik patterned garter socks pack 1
Jewelery: !Fappy We love gatcha rings kitty classic & kitty rare @Thrift shop 2 gatcha
Nails: Blah My nail polish black french set @Black fair
Skin: Glam affair Katya Europa @Collabor88

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Post #1138

Top: Mes sucreries pretty top bitch black w/tango appliers
Bottom/legwarmers: Razor Scene girl outfit (top not shown) mesh
Hair: Exile Time & sound wild fusion 2 mesh
Makeup: Mons eyeliner drama
Bag: LC treasure chest pussy mesh @She & Him

Post #1137

Outfit: Sugar & Cyanide M.I.A. mesh skirt&top w/tango appliers
Hair: Wasabi pills Donna mesh colors
Accessory: NK neneko gatcha 05 Kuro 
Shoes: Dirtyland combat boots mesh
Makeup: Delusions Combat war ready makeup
Tattoo: Utopiah painful knees set
Accessory: SO&SO design pink lollipop @Stuff in stock

Post #1136

Top: Forever young Lucky sweatshirt pink mesh @Thrift shop 2 Aug 9
Bottom: Ducknipple Makido jeans mesh 
Shoes: Epic 2.0 ultra color changing pixie chucks mesh
Hair: Taketomi baby karafuru mesh
Accessory: Forever young like a sir glasses mesh pink gatcha @Thrift shop 2 Aug 9
Jewelery: Luas urban style my phone necklace pink
Ears: Zombie suicide mesh gauged ear bases & Hello kitty plug add-ons (sold separately)
Accessory: WTG always with me clasp purrs mesh

Post #1135

Dress: Alterego headrush dress mesh
Hair: Tameless Crystal mega pack
Skin: Izzie's Kaelyn 20's skin @Collabor88
Accessory: Blah my beloved headband black/violet Subscriber gift
Jewelery: ey:no watch & leaf bracelets black/silver
Bag: Luas ubran style demi clutch leopard cross
Jewelery: Izzie's heart rings  VIP group gift Nov. n/a

Post #1134

Top: Forever young Cuddle tank mesh @Black fair opening August 9
Bottom: Clusterphuk tutu black mesh
Hair: Truth Carrie colors mesh
Accessory: Candy crunchers tiara silver rose
Nails: Shock factory black love nails almond series 
Skin: Izzie's Kaelyn pale Black fair skin @Black fair opening August 9
Shoes: EC Loud boots mesh
Jewelery: Forever young Knuckle earrings mesh @Black fair opening August 9
Accessory: Hollipocket lace shorty gloves set 1 fullpocket
Jewelery: Cute poison celestial bracelet
Jewelery: Cute poison Diamond star rings pack a
Tattoo: Utopiah anchor neck tattoo VIP group gift
Nahm: W&R wish me good luck mouthie 6

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Post #1133

Top: alterego half tee v5 limited edition
Bottom: Luckie ruffle seqiun skirt black mesh
Shoes: alterego platform stilettos & legwarmers crazy mesh
Accessory: Epic Kawaii monster shield sunglasses hot pink mesh @Perfect wardrobe
Accessory: Epic Kawaii mousey goggles leo-cyan gatcha

Post #1132

Dress: Pink Sugah don't save me zebra mesh
Hair: Wasabi pills Valerie candies pack mesh
Jewelery: Cute poison Archaic necklace mesh
Accessory: Luckie nerdie glasses star rainbow rare gatcha
Jewelery: Izzie's Hole bangles mesh @TDR

Post #1131

Outfit: Blink2wink alley hoe set black w/tango appliers @Bewbapalooza
Accessory: Mes Sucreries bound antlers black mesh
Jewelery: Cobrahive novi cuffs spikes mesh
Tattoo: Suicide girl love or pain tattoo
Piercing: Cute poison Dissarray piercing mesh
Shoes: EC Maylie leg warmers & shoes mesh

Post #1130

Top: QE Lazy cherry w/tango appliers @Bewbapalooza
Bottom: Zombie suicide thong set v2 mesh
Hair: Action Megan overdose mesh
Shoes: CK Kitty shoes crazy mesh
Jewelery: Cute poison lucky star bracelet

Post #1129

Dress: Epic boobies Jersey heart tube dress black w/tango appliers @Bewbapalooza
Accessory: ginchi Harbinger horns
Shoes: Epic Neo-trekkers foot gear digi version mesh
Jewelery: Cute poison Lucky star bracelet 
Piercing: Zombie suicide Ariel mouth piercing
Skin: Pink fuel Harley opaline special edition fatpack

Post #1949

Sponsors- Sn@tch Moonfae sheer lingerie @Mainstore Sn@tch Mercy eye makeup @Mainstore Sn@tch Karla hair @Mainstore The Litt...