Thursday, October 30, 2014

Post #1528

Outfit: Dirtystories Workaholic girl dress mesh
Hair: Dirtystories I'm Famous Hair
Accessory: Zombie Suicide Piggy ears
Shoes: Whatever Argon black for slink high
Skin: Izzie's Qopi slaughter skin @Uber
Makeup: Izzie's Demon eyes @Uber
Jewelery: Babydoll Rich rings black for slink hands
Accessory 2#: La Boutique cuppycake plush #cuppyween RARE gacha @Kawaii vs. Creepy
Accessory 3#: Bubble Pink skulls unmbrella w/ao RARE gacha @Kawaii vs. Creepy
Jewelery 2#: C.C. Kreations Kumo collar blue RARE gacha, necklace blue gachas (won separately) @Kawaii vs. Creepy
Accessory #4: Suicide gurls Hinagiku balloon tail ULTRA RARE, lollipop #7 no pose gachas @Kawaii vs. Creepy
Accessory #5: Pulse Malefic spiky horns mesh black RARE gacha @Kawaii vs. Creepy
Tattoo: Belle Elephante Sugar rush love lolli w/app RARE gacha
Makeup 2#: Redgrave eyelashes #17 extended 
Slink nails: MUA skully mani/pedi
Accessory #6: Altair bun bun bunnies black
 Hands: Slink mesh hands rigged pack of all (I'm wearing elegant 1)  
Feet: Slink Avenhance mesh feet high

Monday, October 27, 2014

Post #1527

Top: LF Spiderweb top gold w/app
Bottom: LF Belt skirt orange & silver mesh
Bottom 2#: LF Pendant string gold w/app
Accessory: LF Dark stripe socks dark orange w/app
Accessory 2#: Pervette My horror chain black RARE gacha @Kawaii vs. Creepy
Accessory 3#: Tea.S Death pauldron onyx
Jewelery: Tea.S I C U ring set 
Skin: Izzie's Qopi Dark angel skin @Uber
Jewelery 2#: The Little Bat creepy collections witchs brew gacha @Kawaii vs. Creepy 
Hair: Little Bones Hex dip dye & fades
Jewelery 2#: Obscure witchcraft necklace
Jewelery 4#: Buttery toast Sir fluffybutt halloween edition
Makeup: Adored Cloud eyes bad witch @The Burbs Halloween prize
Makeup 2#: Redgrave #39 luscious eyelashes
Piercing: Chary septum ring #6 gacha 
 Hands: Slink mesh hands rigged pack of all (I'm wearing elegant 1)  
Feet: Slink Avenhance mesh feet high

Post #1526

Skin: Izzie's Qopi Queen of Darkness skin @Uber
Makeup: Izzie's Demon eyes & horns @Uber
Accessory: Whatever Hip chain silver
Jewelery: Zombie Suicide Tentacle necklace
Plushie: Shock Funny Octopus #2 Sophie hand RARE gacha @Kawaii vs. Creepy
Accessory 2#: Utopiah My Gloom plain fingerless gloves w/app
Hair: Ayashi Little Witch hair set pink
Jewelery 2#: Maxi Gossamer Sister Catrina Muertos rings & earrings
Makeup 2#: Redgrave 06 natural eyelashes
Piercing: Chary Septum ring 10 black gacha
Top: Crazy Kitty Cute lace shirts w/app
Bottom: Muka Lavina black mesh
Shoes: The Secret Store Juicy spooky heels kawaii bat for slink high gacha @Tag gacha 
Decor: Boogers kitty w/balloon, kitty sit gachas @Tag gacha
Hands: Slink mesh hands rigged pack of all (I'm wearing elegant 1)  
Feet: Slink Avenhance mesh feet high

Sunday, October 26, 2014


Top: Static Skelly sweater mesh pink
Bottom: Altergo City slicker skirt mesh
Shoes: Dirtystories Spiked heels for slink high
Jewelery: Izzie's Noir cat necklace silver @TDRF
Hair: Runaway Shelly hair fatpack
Skin: Hello my deer Aghata skin fatpack @Bloody Horror Fair
Makeup: Chus Humanoid elven eyes abyss gacha @Kawaii vs. Creepy
Jewelery 2#: La Boutique bracelet magic #1 ULTRA RARE, lockhart RARE (won separately)@Kawaii vs. Creepy
Plushie: *N* Usagi doll #panda RARE P gacha @Kawaii vs. Creepy
Accessory: #FF Chico monster horns forsaken RARE gacha @Kawaii vs. Creepy
Jewelery 3#: Scene watched winged rink pink gacha @Kawaii vs. Creepy
Slink nails: Ni.ju Drippy goo w/slink app
Accessory 2#: Utopiah skele-hair clips 
Accessory 2#: Mango cheeks punkin hair bows @The Seasons Story
Jewelery 4#: Yummy Skelly earrings undead
Jewelery 5#: Maxi Gossamer sister catrina muertos neckalce
Makeup 2#: Redgrave eyelashes vampire
Piercing: Chary septum ring black gacha @No.21
Accessory 3#: Suicidal Unborn Lady rebel nylon tights #10 w/app
Tattoo: KA Moon glyphs waxing crescent RARE gacha
 Hands: Slink mesh hands rigged pack of all (I'm wearing elegant 1)  
Feet: Slink Avenhance mesh feet high

Post #1524

Top: Forever young AHS sweatshirt freak mesh @The Burbs halloween hunt
Bottom: Dirtystories Striped cutie skirt mesh
Jewelery: Forsaken eye see you bowtie too much cotton candy gacha @Kawaii vs. Creepy
Skin: EMBW Bloody doll mary RARE gacha
Accessory: Bubble Monster backpack queen skull RARE gacha
Accessory 2#: Shock Wings of darkness black RARE gacha
Shoes: Believe black pumps w/chains for slink high RARE gacha
Makeup: Chus shadow elven in abyss gacha
Plushie: Even-flow voodoo doll green RARE gacha
Accessory #3: {N} Kvc 8-bit pet dead RARE gacha
Accessory #4: *N* cage horns spider lily black gacha
Accessory #5: *N* cage tail spider lily black gacha
Jewelery #2: Scene watched wing black rings gacha
Plushie 2#: Kaos Dolly witch grey
Slink nails: Awwwdorable Halloween mani/pedi
Hair: Spellbound Velvet natural ombres & dips RARE @Tag gacha
Jewelery 3#: Random matter Pycell cuff black
Makeup 2#: Random matter Natu eyeshadows
Makeup 3#: Redgrave eyelashes 31 extra long
Piercing: Chary septum ring 7 black RARE gacha @No.1
 Hands: Slink mesh hands rigged pack of all (I'm wearing elegant 1)  
Feet: Slink Avenhance mesh feet high

Friday, October 24, 2014

Post #1523

Outfit: Aphrodisiac Meowfit black w/app gacha@Kawaii vs. Creepy 
Hair: Ayashi Lola hair black gacha @Kawaii vs. Creepy
Accessory: Boob-lish cute mask #1 gacha @Kawaii vs. Creepy
Accessory #2: Suicide girls Tabitha beast horns ULTRARARE gacha @Kawaii vs. Creepy
Accessory #3: Impose grabby left arm, left leg, crotch RARE gachas (won separately)@Kawaii vs. Creepy
Shoes: Zcz Kenae platforms vanilla for slink flat gacha@Kawaii vs. Creepy
Top: Dirtystories Taken harness
Accessory #4: Pulse fierce ears black/pink mesh ears gacha@Kawaii vs. Creepy
Skin: EMBW Broken doll Ann gacha @Kawaii vs. Creepy
Accessory #5: Deadpool spider fae black metal widow wings RARE gacha@Kawaii vs. Creepy
Makeup: Chus dark demonic elven eyes abyss gacha@Kawaii vs. Creepy
Accessory #6: Booblish cat mittens RARE gacha@Kawaii vs. Creepy
Plushies: BananaN gacha creepies little devil,skull lady,naughty bat RARE,zombie RARE gachas(won separately) @Kawaii vs. Creepy
Makeup 2#: Redgrave eyelashes vampire
 Feet: Slink Avenhance mesh feet flat

Post #1522

Outfit: The Sugar Garden Ghoulie dress bloody mesh
Hair: Dirtystories Doll hair
Accessory: Whatever Shoulder chain silver
Accessory 2#: Babydoll Bloody blindfold
Accessory #3: Babydoll ouch (includes tattoo and knife)
Makeup: Babydoll Bloody mouth
Tattoo: La petite morte bloody tattoos (with slink phsyique)
Plushie: The Sugar Garden Persian kitten Salem MYSTERY RARE @Tag gacha
Jewelery: The Little Bat creepy collections blood necklace gacha
Decor: Izzie's Sowlmates collection
Decor #2: Izzie's Boo Hoo wall art
Decor 3#: Focus poses witch magic broom (only broom used)
Ears: Gauze trap ripped elf ears
Slink gloves: Utopiah my pointy long gloves & skeleton bows darks set
Skin: Lara Hurley Scarlett rose pale tone fatpack
Shoes: TI evil pumps fatpack for slink high
Jewelery 2#: Yummy Eternal life bracelet
Jewelery 3#: Yummy Jack's typewrite ring
Jewelery 4#: Yummy Room 237 necklace
Accessory #4: Glam affair leona headress RARE 3
Slink nails: Adored Maneater nails mani/pedi
 Hands: Slink mesh hands rigged pack of all (I'm wearing elegant 1)  
Feet: Slink Avenhance mesh feet  mid

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Post #1521

Outfit: Tentacio Clara witch dress-mesh, hat & necklace gachas (won separately)@Tag gacha
Head: The Sugar Garden Tsu mesh head kamael @Cosmetic Fair Halloween Edition
Jewelery: Zombie suicide Witchery ring set
Jewelery 2#: Alterego frillz accessory set
Hair: Olive the Ryleigh hair hud 3
Accessory: Buttery toast Them bones tights w/app VIP group gift
Shoes: The Secret Store juicy spooky heels bloody eyeballs for slink mid gacha @Tag gacha
Jewelery 3#: NO creepy eyeball ring MYSTERY RARE gacha @Tag gacha
Jewelery 4#: Goth1c0 wicked pentacle earrings pink RARE gacha
Jewelery 5#: Goth1c0 spellbound necklace
Makeup: Suicidal unborn Alexa eyes fatpack
Tattoo: Adored dumdum sucka sweetie tattoo no.6 for slink hands
 Slink nails: Adored too spooky nails mani/pedi
Accessory 2#: Birdy treat pals kitty gacha @Tag gacha
Accessory 3#: Katat0nik bitchfork MYSTERY rare gacha @Tag gacha
Accessory 4#: ieQED rag monster lion RARE gacha
Decor: MB love potion,pixieblood,stardust,jar of stars RARE gachas (won separately)
Hands: Slink mesh hands rigged pack of all (I'm wearing elegant 1)  
Feet: Slink Avenhance mesh feet  mid

Post #1520

Top: Alterego Skele-hoodie pink mesh
Bottom: Forever Young Wench leggins w/app
Shoes: Pr!ck Corset sock black mesh @Bloody Horror Fair
Hair: Ploom Oh deer ploomage mesh
Makeup: Blush My cross eyes tattoo @Bloody Horror Fair
Accessory: Ploom Animal headband cat
Plushies: Tentacio Clara witch blue flu, green flu gachas @Tag gacha
Makeup 2#: Arise eyelashes #8
Skin: Chickadee Rinnie in snow tone 
Accessory 2#: Psychobyts Gamer girl glasses 
Makeup 3#: Kokolores Smokey eyes
Plushie 2#: Candy crunchers monster nemo pink gacha
Jewelery: Zombie Suicide bee-bon toe rings for slink
Jewelery 2#: Pomposity Screaming ring gacha
Accessory 3#: Loud mouth coffin buddy pink
Jewelery 3#: Yummy monster party earrings gacha
Jewelery 4#: Pekka third eye necklace onyx
Makeup 4#: Mudskin Galaxy eyes misc8
Slink nails: Action nails Mischief v1 for slink
 Jewelery 5#: Reign chamber rings meow black, studded black,tuscan black RARE gachas
Hands: Slink mesh hands rigged pack of all (I'm wearing elegant 1)  
Feet: Slink Avenhance mesh feet high 
Mouth: CR Nyam nyam mouth

Monday, October 20, 2014

Post #1519

Top: Forever Young Sweet shop sweater mesh
Bottom: Hollipocket Girly girl jeans remix set 1 w/app
Hair: Ploom Flip side ploomage mesh
Skin: Pink Acid Iokko Latte tone fatpack comes w/app
Shoes: Luckie Panda platforms rainbow heart for slink high
Makeup: Arise liquid eyeliner
Makeup 2#: Arise eyelashes no.7
Accessory: Pink Acid Donut cake shoulder bag pink frosting RARE gacha @The Season's Story
Accessory 2#: Pink Acid Milkshake clutch pink berry gacha
Accessory 3#: Amai Spoopy eye ballz bowz dipped fatpack
Piercing: Pomposity Butterfly belly piercing
Accessory 4#: Hollipocket Stubby warmers set 1 prints mesh
Accessory 5#: sm bow garter gold spikes
Accessory 6#: B&R mat feather scarf 
Accessory 7#: Plethora mochi dango classic nahm
Accessory #8: 2pm chu mini purse pink ribbon gacha
Accessory #9: Noodles mouse sweets ears mint gacha
Jewelery: QE Unico necklace & ring set
Jewelery 2#: Aitui ear system gen 4 acyrlimals pink pegasus RARE gacha
Jewelery 3#: Adjunt Harajuku rings 6,1,5 gachas
Jewelery 4#: gacha medallion bronze ice cream fish gacha
Makeup 3#: Pekka Sugar rush eyeshadows 
Makeup 4#: Mudskin dolly eyes green gacha
Piercing 2#: Yummy Lotus gold septum
Piercing 3#: Pekka elena bindi gold
Tattoo: Adored lollipop hips sweetie tattoo #8 gacha
Hands: Slink mesh hands rigged pack of all (I'm wearing elegant 1)  
Feet: Slink Avenhance mesh feet high 
Mouth: Loud Mouth Brandee open

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Post #1518

Outfit: Poptart Voodoo dress black mesh @Bloody Horror Fair
Accessory: Pomposity Gothic feet chains for slink high @Bloody Horror Fair
Accessory 2#: Forever Famous spooky bat headband blackula RARE gacha @Bloody Horror Fair
Accessory #3: Half-deer Batwing glasses striped
Plushie: Half-deer Hearthuger bats candy pop RARE gacha @Tag gacha
Skin: Izzie's Patty skin Halloween Edition 
Accessory 4#: Izzie's Halloween gift Bloody mesh accessories
Accessory 5#: Sugar Button boutique Batty tights dusk edition w/app
Makeup: Pink Acid mascara on my lashes top alpha eyelashes
Accesory #6: LF Damned garter blood knife
Jewelery: Hollipocket girleh boweh rings black RARE
Jewelery 2#: Blah my cute vampira ring black
Accessory 6#: S&S Halloween bucket kitty gacha @Tag gacha
Accessory 7#: Katat0nik bitchfork tasty gacha @Tag gacha
Slink nails: Pekka Halloween colors mani/pedi @Cosmetic Fair Halloween Edition
Hair: Spellbound Boo unnatural ombres & dips
Makeup 2#: Dead Apples Almost human thunder fatpack @Cosmetic Fair Halloween Edition
Decorations: Half-deer painted pumpkins
Plushie 2#: Freebird build a friend black kitty RARE gacha
Hands: Slink mesh hands rigged pack of all (I'm wearing elegant 1)  
Feet: Slink Avenhance mesh feet high 
Mouth: CR Nyam Nyam

Post #1517

Outfit: LF Horror Nurse Outfit w/app @Bloody Horror Fair
Shoes: BAD Bloody Ouija Shoes for slink high @Bloody Horror Fair
Plushie: #Forever Famous Spooky Bat plush blackula RARE gacha @Bloody Horror Fair
Accessory: Autopsy headband ronce black @Bloody Horror Fair
Makeup: Babydoll deadly face tattoo pentagram @Bloody Horror Fair
Skin: Nana Tarja skin snow fatpack @Bloody Horror Fair
Makeup 2#: Poptart rough night liner sad clown @Bloody Horror Fair
Makeup 3#: Arise Eyelashes 1
Makeup 4#: Arise Soft brows
Slink nails: Go&See Death nails #2 mani/pedi @Bloody Horror Fair
Accessory 2#: Tentacio Killer purse
Jewelery: Pomposity Skull necklace
Makeup 5#: NOX Greyscale lips 00 @Suicide dollz
Accessory 3#: Katat0nik bitchfork alle<3 gacha @Tag gacha
Hair: Clawtooth Scream queen fancy mix pack @Collabor88
Jewelery 2#: Pekka Third eye necklace silver @Mystic Realm Faire
Jewelery 3#: (NO) Creepy eyeball ring MYSTERY RARE gacha @Tag gacha
Makeup 6#: Kalina Misty eyes ghost white @Cosmetic Fair Halloween Edition
Piercing: Yummy Lucy silver septum piercing
 Hands: Slink mesh hands rigged pack of all (I'm wearing elegant 1)  
Feet: Slink Avenhance mesh feet high

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Post #1516

Top: Forever young Stained top pack 1 w/app
Bottom: P3 gacha crotchless Halloween pussy mesh gacha 
Accessory: #FF Coven the six feet under bag @Bloody Horror Fair
Jewelery: #Forever famous sage collar here kitty, kitty silver RARE gacha @Bloody Horror Fair
Plushie: Pr!ck egg monster dark @Bloody Horror Fair
Accessory 2#: Dirtystories Skeleton shoulder pads @Bloody Horror Fair
Accessory 3#: TI  machete belt  @Bloody Horror Fair
Accessory 4#: [n.i] love bites @Bloody Horror Fair
Makeup: Babydoll Bleeding mascara @Bloody Horror Fair
Makeup 2#: Babydoll Mystic eyes fatpack @Bloody Horror Fair
Tattoo: Elska bleeding bones w/app @Bloody Horror Fair
Skin: Go&See Bloody Vivienne full fatpack @Bloody Horror Fair
Shoes: Dirtystories Pumpkin heels real RARE gacha
Accessory #5: Dirtystories Witch hat black RARE gacha
Hair: Kokolores The witching hour fatpack 
Makeup 3#: Pink Acid Elite alpha eyelashes mega set
Jewelery 2#: [3] Likkahouse flying bat pierced earrings gacha
Jewelery 3#: DDD eyeball necklace human
Piercing: Pekka Marcia septum piercing steel @Mystic realms faire
 Hands: Slink mesh hands rigged pack of all (I'm wearing elegant 1)  
Feet: Slink Avenhance mesh feet high

Post #1515

Dress: D-style Intence dress mesh @Bloody Horror Fair
Shoes: The Little Bat Flesh & bone heels v2 for slink high feet @Bloody Horror Fair
Makeup: Random matter Salvatore eyes bloody obsidian @Bloody Horror Fair
Jewelery: D-Style Intence choker w/hud @Bloody Horror Fair
Accessory: Axix Macabria headband & chain black @Bloody Horror Fair
Accessory 2#: Zombie Suicide Tentacle tongue @Bloody Horror Fair
Accessory 3#: IAF extra long nails for slink elegant 1 @Bloody Horror Fair
Jewelery 2#: [n.i] screwed over necklace @Bloody Horror Fair
Accessory #4: T.I spiked headband black bloody @Bloody Horror Fair
Tattoo: Arise circle tattoo @Cosmetic fair Halloween edition
Accessory 4#: Forever young batty wings 
Makeup 2#: Kokolores bewitched lipstick tattoos @Cosmetic fair Halloween edition
Skin: Alterego  Typha fantasy skin Ice princess @Cosmetic fair Halloween edition
Jewelery #4: Kaos Batty rings black
Accessory 5#: Luckie cutter sleeves darks w/app
Makeup 3#: Pink Acid my everyday prim alpha eye makeup
Accessory #6: Cute bat 04 gacha
Hair: Damselfly Sancia bubblegum @Mystic realm faire
Jewelery 3#: Goth1c0 wicked pentacle earrings pink RARE gacha
Makeup 4#: Adored smolder eyeshadows fatpack @Cosmetic fair Halloween edition
Piercing: Pekka Marcia septum piercing blackened steel @Mystic realm faire
Accessory #6: Utopiah skully gartered stockings raven w/app gacha
Accessory #7: Utopiah skeleton leg clips RARE gacha
 Hands: Slink mesh hands rigged pack of all (I'm wearing elegant 1)  
Feet: Slink Avenhance mesh feet high

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Post #1514

Top: Hollipocket Brenty lace top set 4 w/app
Bottom: Hollipocket Brenty lace bottom set 1 w/app
Accessory: Hollipocket Brenty lace gloves black RARE gacha w/app
Hair: Dirtystories Emo hair
Accessory 2#: Dirtystories Angel doll keys
Accessory 3#: Dirtystories Love me leg chain
Shoes: Zombie suicide Killer heels for slink high
Makeup: Izzie's Dark lipstick for Patty skin @TDRF
Jewelery: W&R Boo bracelet #3 gacha
Accessory #4: Half-deer fluffy ears & tail natural pack @Season's story
Jewelery 2#: Utopiah Dryadia ring
Skin: Angelica Mingming cream tone
Accessory #5: DRD candyshape fringe bag pink
Accessory #6: Utopiah Pressure headband fatpack
Jewelery 3#: Utopiah Dryadia necklace
Jewelery #4: Nomi letter heart choker
Makeup: Gaeline creations mesh lashes magnifica
Makeup 2#: Lovely disarray delusion eyes & slink nails @Body mod
Makeup #3: Lovely disarray madness facial scars & glasgow
Piercing: Pekka Marcia septum blackened steel @Body mod
Accessory #7: Utopiah Arwen short socks w/app VIP group gift
 Hands: Slink mesh hands rigged pack of all (I'm wearing elegant)  
Feet: Slink Avenhance mesh feet high
  Butt: cute azz mesh
Bewbs: Lolas Mirage mesh breasts

Friday, October 10, 2014

Post #1513

Top: Hollipocket Nomnom tops set 2 @Candy fair
Bottom: Tentacio Cotton candy skirt mesh @Candy fair
Hair: Runaway Kerli hair ombre pack 2
Plushie: The Sugar Garden Persian kitties sasha @The Gacha Garden opening soon!
Accessory: Hollipocket Drinkin bout you armies full pocket w/app
Accessory 2#: Half-deer Fluffy ears & tail pastel fatpack @The Season's Story
Accessory 3#: Forever young Precious antlers @Body Mod
Makeup: Babydoll Crystal eyes pink
Shoes: Sweet thing Layer boots fatpack @The Season's Story
Makeup 2#: Pink Acid Alpha top eyelashes mega 5 pack
Makeup 3#: Angelica candy makeup heart mix #2 gacha @Candy fair
Makeup 4#: Angelica Yoni lipstick fatpack
Slink nails: Angelica slink nail polish sweet candy gacha @Candy fair
Plushie 2#: Geek little last unicorn sprinkles @Mystic realm
Accessory #4: Glam Affair cat eye embellished glasses candy
Accessory #5: Pididdle sweet treat bag strawberry
Accessory #6: Plethora bubble gum pink @Candy fair
Skin: Angelica Yoni cream tone
Jewelery: Lark ice cream ring strawberry gacha @Candy fair
Jewelery 2#: Sweet thing Starshine charm bracelet gacha
Jewelery 3#: Sweet thing oops! facebook gift ring
Jewelery #4: Yumyums lost kitty collar gold RARE gacha @Body mod
Jewelery #5: Ariskea inspired heart necklace fatpack @Candy fair
 Hands: Slink mesh hands rigged pack of all (I'm wearing elegant) 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Post #1512

 Top: The Bishes Inc. Gina top black mesh
Bottom: Sugar button boutique Ectoplasm leggings orange w/app
Shoes: Sugar Button boutique Ectoplasm shoes orange for slink high
Skin: Izzie's Patty fair tone
Makeup: Izzie's Nyam nyam appliers for Patty skin fair tone
Piercing: The Little Bat franken dermals 
Piercing 2#: The Little Bat skele septum piercing
Accessory: Luckie Ghostly bubble wings
Accessory 2#: Luckie Spunkie gloves orange w/app
Makeup: Arise Grim eyes browns pack
Makeup 2#: Pink Acid Mascara on my lashes top alpha eyelashes & mascara clumper bottom eyelashes
Accessory 3#: Zombie suicide bat implant female hip
Nahm: Dirtystories Trick R Treat
Jewelery: Lustrage Nobuko chain luna black @Body mod expo opening soon!
Jewelery 2#: Poptart glitter bat rings
Plushie: Pink fuel Bats
Accessory 4#: Dirtystories creepy cuffs 
 Plushie 2#: Munique bat skully plush gacha
Makeup 3#: Adored Autumn eyeshadows
Makeup 4#: Angelica candy makeup star orange gacha @Candy Fair
Hair: Taketomi kakoa gothqueen fatpack RARE
Jewelery 3#: Goth1co Spellbound necklace
Plushie 3#: Birdy veggie pals peppy punkin gacha
Mouth: CR nyam nyam mouth
 Hands: Slink mesh hands rigged pack of all (I'm wearing elegant)  
Feet: Slink Avenhance mesh feet high
  Butt: cute azz mesh

Monday, October 6, 2014

Post #1511

Outfit: Static Bat lingerie w/app @Suicide dollz
Plushie: Poptart Lil boos in devilcutie, moostache, moo all RARE gachas(won separately)
Hair: Runaway Oni ombres pack 1 @Mystic realm faire
Jewelery: #FF coven collection Lilith collar @Suicide dollz
Shoes: Dirtystories DL high heel shoes punk for slink high
Accessory: Dirtystories Fairytale cage 
Accessory 2#: Dirtystories My dead pet
Accessory 3#: Dirtystories skeleton knee guards
Accessory #4: Le forme damned garter skully black gacha @Gacha mania
Jewelery 2#: Pixelgeek Animal bracelet
Piercing: Pomposity zip belly piercings plain gacha
Makeup: Pink Acid Elite alpha eyelashes mega set
Makeup 2#: Pink Acid My everyday alpha eye makeup 5 pack
 Makeup #3: Arise Franken scar black
Makeup 4#: Clemmm Resnick eyes
Slink nails: Ama halloween chiped stripes mani/pedi
Plushie 2#: RI candy corn cutie kitty gacha
Plushie 3#: Acios los muertos doll rose gacha
Accessory #5: B@R mat feather scarf
Accessory #6: GACHA citrus bikerbunneh common gacha
Accessory #7: GACHA citrus hello tag awesome gacha
Accessory #8: Goth1c0 classic vampire sunglasses transparent gacha
Jewelery 3#: Junbug nevermore armlets
Piercing 2#: Mons septum piercing style 14
Skin: Atomic Song Trick or treat double pack 2 
Mouth: CR nyam nyam mouth
 Hands: Slink mesh hands rigged pack of all (I'm wearing elegant)  
Feet: Slink Avenhance mesh feet high
  Butt: cute azz mesh
Bewbs: Lolas Mirage mesh breasts

Post #1949

Sponsors- Sn@tch Moonfae sheer lingerie @Mainstore Sn@tch Mercy eye makeup @Mainstore Sn@tch Karla hair @Mainstore The Litt...