Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Post #1547

Sponsorfy me-
Romper: Zombie Suicide Ferno outfit mesh
Gloves: Forever young Shredded gloves pack one w/app
Tights: Izzie's Cat tights w/app
Shoes: Altair Ribbon platforms fatpack for slink flat feet
Piercing: Punch face piercing cross black @Suicide dollz

Accessorize me-
Hat: Dazed Hauled bowler hat fatpack
Necklace: Yummy Cameo necklace pink sparkles
Necklace #2: Quirky Cryptic Candy collars fatpack @n.21
Rings: Yummy rings gacha 5,7,8,14,16,17 @Gacha mania
Piercing: Alterego Ignatia septum piercing

Makeup me-
 Eyes: Song Eden eyes fatpack
Eyelashes: Lovely alien Starry eyelashes 
Skin: Aya Zoey Oak bluff tone all makeup fatpack
 Hair: Olive the cupcake hair hud 3 

 Mesh me-
Ears: Mandala Unisex steking ears season 5
Mouth: CR Nahm Nahm
  Hands: Slink mesh rigged hands pack of all (I'm wearing casual)
Feet: Slink womens high rigged barefoot mesh

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Post #1546

Top: Joli Lulu top Bitch I'm a unicorn mesh top @Suicide dollz
Makeup: Joli Kitten eyeliner @Suicide dollz
Shoes: s[M] Queen reapers sugar for slink high @Suicide dollz
Accessory: Luckie Shugah wingz rainbow RARE gacha
Piercing: Arise Piece septum silver @Limited edition
Bottom: Hollipocket My wittle tutus set 2 mesh
 Jewelery: Hollipocket Pearlie girlie jizz bracelets/anklet fatpack
Hair: Clawtooth Fairy dust c88 exclusive rainbow pack
Jewelery 2#: Epic kawaii kassette necklace bats sherbet gacha @OMG!
Makeup 2#: Song Eden eyes fatpack
Makeup 3#: Lovely alien Starry eyelashes
Accessory 2#: QE Unico tail RARE gacha
Accessory #3: Crazy kitty Bite me legwarmers mesh
Accessory #4: Olive the unicorn hoodie white fur rainbow gacha
Jewelery 3#: Mons Kitty choker
Jewelery 4#: Maxi Gossamer electra unicorn horn necklace
Piercing 2#: VCO cubi eyes white
Skin: Deetalez Around the world skin Max v2 skin nordic tone
Makeup 4#: Dazed Northelyn lipstick set & appliers n/a 
  Hands: Slink mesh rigged hands pack of all (I'm wearing casual)
Feet: Slink womens high rigged barefoot mesh

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Post #1545

Outfit: DRBC Cozy coat w/hud mesh @Suicide dollz
Makeup: Joli Kitten eyeliner @Suicide dollz
Skin: Izzie's Qopi skin porcelain (wearing freckles included in fatpack)
Makeup 2#: Izzie's Matt lipstick (Qopi) @TDRF
Shoes: Forever young fuzzy flips for slink flat RARE gacha @OMG!
Piercing: Arise Indios septum black @Project limited
Garter: Poptart garter straps black frill
Gloves: Hollipocket Look into my gloves candy w/app gacha @OMG!
Stockings: Hollipocket Look into my footsies candy w/app gacha @OMG!
Jewelery: Pekka Pyr cross ring black
Tattoo: Utopiah Satanic cross tattoo n/a
Makeup 2#: Lovely alien starry lashes 
Makeup 3#: Song Eden eyes fatpack
Piercing 2#: Random matter Orianthi nose chain black
Piercing 3#: VCO cubic eyes white
Makeup 4#: Angelic First love blusher 
Hair: Tableau Vivant Snowdrift dip dye
Ears: Mandala steking ears season 5
  Hands: Slink mesh rigged hands pack of all (I'm wearing casual)
Feet: Slink womens natural rigged barefoot mesh

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Post #1544

Top: Forever Young Jezebel top set 1 w/app
Accessory: Frogstar New years paper crown #5 gacha @OMG!
Shoes: Epic Skelly combat creepers strawberry
 Hair: Sweet thing Celi hairbows & fatpack ULTRA RARE gacha
Bottom: Crazy Kitty cutiepie overall mesh
  Accessory 2#: Utopiah Kawaii demon horns bubblegum n/a
Jewelery: Utopiah My melted bat rings candy gacha n/a
Bottom 2#: Crazy Kitty Cuteness panties
Accessory 3#: Utopiah My bony xtralong stockings candy gacha n/a
Jewelery 2#: Altair zzz neko necklace pink
Jewelery 3#: Alterego vampy necklace bloody tips (pink)
Mesh head: Utilizator m3 mesh head anime
Mod: III Izzy's nomming teeth mesh
Mod 2#: TSH Rin m3 pastel zombies pack (skin mod)
Mod 3#: POMF M3 Holy eyes
 Hands: Slink mesh rigged hands pack of all (I'm wearing casual)

Post #1543

Top: Zombie Suicide Basic T-shirt mesh
Accessory: Chus! Iridescent Nubs happy crown RARE gacha @OMG!
Accessory 2#: Arise Lunie head piece white @The Secret Affair
Accessory 3#: Pink Acid Burrry cold penguin chain purse RARE Gacha @TSS
Accessory 4#: The Buttery toast toasty fingers pink
Accessory 5#: Mishmash my kawaii heart scarf
Plushie: Silentsparrow pink lambie pie
Hair: Magika 02 Stay
Bottom: Crazy kitty Dirty princess miniskirt mesh
Mesh head: Utilizator M3 mesh head anime
Mesh body: Onaluddilamb v.2 white (only legs,arms,torso,ears shown)
Mod: Utat Female lamb powder
Mod 2#: POMF M3 head cutie eyes pink

Friday, January 16, 2015

Post #1542

Outfit: Zombie Suicide Jess dress mesh 
Accessory: Zombie Suicide spiked handbag mesh
Accessory 2#: Tentacio Sugar winter coffee bag gacha
Jewelery: The Sugar Garden Unicute jewelery rainbow bracelet @Collabor88
Makeup: Song Eden eyes fatpack
Plushie: Forever young Weenie dog princess puddin' RARE gacha @OMG!
Plushie 2#: Paper rabbit polkie unicorn tickled RARE gacha @OMG!
Deco: ZOZ Love cup have heart part 1 RARE,puppy love part 1 RARE, bubble love part 2 RARE gachas @OMG!
Shoes: Yumyyums Cutie platforms candy dot RARE for slink flat gacha @OMG!
Accessory 3#: Yumyyums Cute as a button w/bow black w/pink bow gacha @OMG!
Accessory 4#: Lolita messenger cup sweet RARE gacha @OMG!
 Accessory 5#: Alterego mesh scarf
Hair: Dela mesh Lili dipped party color hair
 Makeup: Angelica First love blusher
Piercing: Mons Septum ring style 17
Piercing 2#: Pekka Mon gem facial piercing gold
Skin: Angelica Angie cream @Kawaii Project
Accessory 5#: Buttery toast Them bones stockings w/app
Makeup 2#: Song Eden eyes fatpack
Makeup 3#: Buzz Cutiepie freckles
Makeup 4#: Lovely alien starry eyelashes
Makeup 5#: Deetalez makeup black eyeliner A
  Hands: Slink mesh rigged hands pack of all (I'm wearing casual)
Feet: Slink womens natural rigged barefoot mesh

Post #1541

Top: HolliPocket Guarded lace tops set 3 w/app @Anybody
Shoes: Bubble Street sneakers skulls RARE gacha @OMG!
Jewelery: Bubble Choker all in one RARE gacha @OMG!
Accessory: Hellomydear headband rose skull bordeaux RARE gacha @OMG!
Accessory 2#: Hellomydear shoulder pads bordeaux RARE gacha @OMG!
Piercing: Arise Piece septum gold @Project limited
Makeup: Arise eyelashes lashes no.8
 Bottom: Crazy Kitty Shake it miniskirts patterns mesh
Jewelery 2#: Dazed Themis necklace fatpack
Jewelery 3#: Dazed Galatear rings fatpack
Jewelery 4#: Altairs master's pet naughty RARE gacha @OMG!
Accessory 3#: Crazy Kitty chained garter
Piercing 2#: Pekka mon gem piercing gold
Piercing 3#: Cute poison aperient piercing
Mesh ears: Mandala Steking ears seasons 5
Hair: Boon HUH031 black
Hairbase: Paperbags twigs fatpack
Eyes: Song Cheri eyes fatpack
Skin: Essences Alice pale 02
Makeup 2#: Essences Wonderland lipstick fatpack
 Hands: Slink mesh rigged hands pack of all (I'm wearing casual)

Post #1540

Top: Tentacio Danna pink mesh
Shoes: Snitch Kitty flats fatpack for slink flat
Jewelery: Unborn Soul friendship necklace love gacha @OMG!
 Mesh ears: Mandala steking ears season 5
Plushie: Silentsparrow Oreo lambie
 Stockings: Dazed Sparrow faded socks w/app RARE gacha @OMG!
Accessory: Dazed Sparrow leg bows ULTRA RARE gacha @OMG!
Jewelery 2#: Altair master's pet Sweet RARE gacha @OMG!
Accessory 2#: Atomic mermaid dreams starfish clip purple gacha @OMG!
Hair: Truth Echo pastels
Mesh head: Utilizator m3 mesh head anime
Mods for the head: POMF M3 head and kemono body pastel goth skin mod
 Hands: Slink mesh rigged hands pack of all (I'm wearing casual)
Feet: Slink womens natural rigged barefoot mesh

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Post #1539

Outfit: le fil casse snow angel romper pink mesh gacha @OMG!
Skirt: Quirky Tutu pink mesh RARE gacha @OMG!
Accessory: le fil casse angel head piece pink gacha @OMG!
Accessory 2#: le fil casse angel staff pink RARE gacha @OMG!
Accessory 3#: le fil casse angel wings pink @OMG!
Jewelery: le fil casse angel princess collar pink RARE gacha @OMG!
Jewelery 2#: Infinity sexy back pearls rainbow gacha @OMG!
Jewelery 3#: Infinity octo cutie pink panther gacha @OMG!
Jewelery 4#: Quirky Harajuku bracelet 1,2,3 gachas @OMG!
Jewelery 5#: Quirky Harajuku necklace heart plain gacha @OMG!
Jewelery 6#: Quirky Harajuku necklace pink pearl gacha @OMG!
Accessory 4#: Arise Queen headpiece gold/white gem RARE gacha @OMG!
Accessory #5: Pink Acid Hard plastic locket of love clutch princess @OMG!
Jewelery #7: The Sugar Garden Unicute charm bracelet rainbow @Collabor88
Hair: Ploom Harley ploomage mesh
Shoes: Snitch Cutesy heart okobo fatpack for slink natural 
Makeup: Arise lashes no.1
Accessory #6: Hollipocket teeny tighys remix set 8 starry w/app
Accessory #7: Aitui ear system gen 4 elven heart plugs
Accessory #8: Rotten toe raindeer tiara baby pink gacha
Makeup 2#:  Lovely disarray Neo geisha concept pink set
Makeup 3#: Song Blossom eyes fatpack
Makeup 4#: Sugar heart heart shaped face moles
Piercing: Alterego aahi face chain gold
Shape: Dazed Shape Beau
Skin: VCOskin Betty
Mesh mouth: VCO Lili smile mesh lip
 Hands: Slink mesh rigged hands pack of all (I'm wearing casual)
Feet: Slink womens natural rigged barefoot mesh

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Post #1538

Top: Sakide Tuski top RARE gacha @OMG!
Shoes: Sakide Yumi shoes RARE gacha for slink high @OMG!
Accessory: LouLou&Co. Headband Camelia black RARE gacha @OMG!
Piercing: LouLou&Co. Nose chain Camelia black RARE V.1 gacha @OMG!
Bottom: Arise String black @Anybody
Jewelery: Izzie's Opulent watch silver
Jewelery 2#: Izzie's Midi rings silver for slink hands
Piercing 2#: Cute Poison Aperient hip piercing
Makeup: Arise eyelashes no.1
 Bottom 2#: Crazy Kitty Hey sexy miniskirt mesh
Accessory 2#: Crazy Kitty Chained garter
Accessory #3: Aitui ear system gen 4 elven heart plugs @The Seasons Story
Accessory 4#: Dazed Arcane antlers Dec. VIP Group gift
Hair: Olive the Runa hair hud 3
Hairbase: Paperbag Twigs hair base fatpack
Jewelery 3#: Suicidal Unborn Minerva collar VIP group gift
Jewelery #4: Dazed Frostine rings 
Eyes: Angelica Pure eyes gacha blue @The Seasons Story
Makeup 2#: Dazed Nebula eyeshadow fatpack
Makeup 3#: Dazed Sparkle blush set
Stockings: Dazed Annabelle stockings b&w w/app @Suicide dollz
Shape: Dazed shape Beau
Skin: VCO Skin Bomi skin pure
Mesh mouth: VCO vampire heart mesh lip
 Hands: Slink mesh rigged hands pack of all (I'm wearing casual)
Feet: Slink womens high rigged barefoot mesh

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Post #1537

Outfit: Jesydream Sweater dress pink mesh gacha @OMG! open NOW!
Hair: Pr!tty Louise colored ombres hud gacha @OMG!
Skin: Essences Alice 01 medium 01 brunette gacha @OMG!
Shoes: Hopscotch animal slippers unicorn for slink flat gacha @OMG!
Plushie: Moon Amore Octopulpo unicorn RARE gacha @OMG!
Accessory: New way Milla scarf plaid b/w with rose RARE gacha @OMG!
Accessory 2#: Dazed Sparrow faded socks w/apps RARE #2 gacha @OMG!
Accessory 3#: Dazed Sparrow leg bows fatpack ULTRA RARE Gacha @OMG!
Accessory 4#: Quirky Harajuku girl heart glasses pink 1 gacha @OMG!
Jewelery: Quirky Harajuku girl necklace cupcake gacha @OMG!
Accessory 5#: Quirky Harajuku girl tiara pink RARE gacha @OMG!
Makeup: Arise Cutie freckles @Suicide dollz
Accessory #6: Aitui ear system gen 4 stretched ears
Makeup 2#: Suicial Unborn Nina eyes fatpack mesh all colors
Jewelery 2#: Yummy Unicorn ring pink sparkles
 Hands: Slink mesh rigged hands pack of all (I'm wearing elegant)
Feet: Slink womens natural rigged barefoot mesh

Friday, January 9, 2015

Post #1536

Outfit: Luas Brianna dress w/hud RARE @OMG! opening @12am slt!
Hair: Ploom Meep ploomage mesh hair
Makeup: Arise eyelashes no.1
Accessory: Half-deer Fairylight halo @N21
Accessory 2#: Half-deer Unicorn tail cupcake sparkles gacha @Collabor88
Accessory 3#: Snitch Owl backpack RARE gacha @OMG!
Jewelery: Buttery toast Little Lucy angel RARE gacha @OMG!
Shoes: Nomi rabbit lolita shoes pink RARE gacha @OMG!
Accessory #4: Yumyyums cute as a button w/bow white headband w/pink bow gacha @OMG!
Accessory #5: Panstuhunter pearls garter pink
Stockings: Utopiah My cute cotton socks & appliers sugar set N/A
Accessory #5: Mishmash baby unicorn pink @Collabor88
Accessory #6: Mishmash baby winged unicorn pink @Collabor88
Accessory #7: Muka armwarmers mesh @Anybody
Jewelery 2#: Maxi Gossamer unicorn maiden star earrings/rings @Collabor88
Jewelery #3: Lagyo unicorn rings set silver @Collabor88
Eyes: Suicidal Unborn Nina eyes all colors fatpack
Top: Atomic Petal jacket set 1 mesh @Collabor88
Slink nails: NO art nails unicorns rainbows @Collabor88
Skin: VCO Skin Bomi skin 
Mesh mouth: VCO Lolo mesh lip
 Hands: Slink mesh rigged hands pack of all (I'm wearing elegant)
Feet: Slink womens medium rigged barefoot mesh

Post #1949

Sponsors- Sn@tch Moonfae sheer lingerie @Mainstore Sn@tch Mercy eye makeup @Mainstore Sn@tch Karla hair @Mainstore The Litt...