Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Post #1600

Black Banta/Pink Acid Carnival cuties pome candy stick pink glitter RARE gacha
HolliPocket Mooneh mini skirts set 5 pink @Anybody
Darkendstare vamp fangs necklace pink/mint
Darkendstare candyfloss tails fatpack
Darkendstare Unicorn foals rainbow & angel RARE gachas @Wizaring Faire
Izzie's Skin Romy rose tone fatpack

Crazy Kitty crazy kitty boots  
CF Valentina ears deformed @Manga Fair
CF Valentina ears expansion pack[hearts]
[M] Bubble wand kitty @Manga Fair
Blues Jessica Fades @Hair Fair
Dirtystories Princess septum
Crazy Kitty Soft baby tops
Dazed Graveyard stockings & appliers plain RARE gacha @OMG!
Dazed Coffin leg bow pack ULTRA RARE gacha @OMG!

Dazed Louise choker fatpack 
Kibitz Misti rings copper

Dazed Freckled cheeks makeup
Dazed Sylar lips set & appliers
Buzz Duo eyes fatpack 
Nova Jade eyeliner
Antielle moon bastet & kitty infusion
Lovelyalien starry eyelashes

Decor(photo shoot)-
tres blah soiree curtain back drop gacha
Mesh parts-
Slink av enhance rigged hands pack of all (I'm wearing casual)
CR nahm nahm

Post #1599

HolliPocket Sweet Kitteh tops set 1@Manga Fair 
HolliPocket Sweet Kitteh skirts set 1@Manga Fair 
HolliPocket Sweet Kitteh panties set 3@Manga Fair 
Darkendstare Jabberwocky wings pink/white
Punch Spiked septum & bridge piercing @Suicide dollz
Lolita Angel lashes #03 gacha @OMG!
!CS! Rose garter gacha @OMG!
Static psy party tapestry antiplasm gacha @OMG!

Veechi Filigree lace thigh highs fatpack @Manga Fair
Truth Bronwyn pastels
Nyan komimi pink kitty fatpack @Manga Fair
MB love me collar #12 pink gacha @Manga Fair
Buzz duo eyes fatpack
PXL Shara PA carnival skin fatpack
Sugar heart heart face doodles
Sopherian schatje whiskers
Decor(photo shoot)-
Sn@tch freeky khat leopard gacha @OMG!
Cosmic dust kawaii bunny clock pink

Mesh parts-
PXL Sweet lips 01

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Post #1598

The Sugar Garden Teaparty Queen Countess for slink mid @Kawaii Project
Doe Nikki two tone pastel @The Season's Story 
Izzie's Moles/Beauty marks
Izzie's Celestial midi rings gold for slink hands

Le fil casse Queen of hearts dolly dress pink 
Moon Amore Luise roses tiara pink
Dazed Abigor septum fatpack

Secret Love Pearl flowers set

Deetalez Skin A.T.W. Maxine v2 Nordic
Song Ciate Eyes fatpack @Kustom 9
Redgrave eyelashes #31 extra long

 Decor(home shoot)-
Tarte Little skybox
Tarte draped wall lights
Kalopsia Old mirror
Kalopsia Old table
Mesh parts-
Slink av enhance rigged hands pack of all (I'm wearing casual)
Slink av enhance female mid feet

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Post #1597

HolliPocket Here kitty set bubblegum (top, skirt, ears, tail) gachas @OMG!
HolliPocket Here kitty face paints pink gacha @OMG!
HolliPocket Here kitty stockings bubblegum leo
Luas boho summer star lights strings gacha @OMG! (seen in photo shoot)
Punch clip on septum vega true gold gacha @OMG!
Lolita Angel lashes #01 gacha @OMG!
Pink hustler hair 8088 pastels @Hair Fair
Noodles Amore belly chain gold
Blah tiny companion common meow lilac gacha @OMG!
Crazy Kitty Sugar sneakers kawaii styles
Muka burlesque bow
Sweet thing sweet pink kitten collar
Kibitz pricey bow necklace RARE gacha @OMG!
Punci my round nails for slink 
Letis tattoo pussycat
Alterego Janae fatpack RARE gacha @OMG!
Pekka teeth & pout
Decor(photo shoot)-
TMC Scottish fold flakes, crucnhioes,strawberry cake,cinnamon cookies,fruitios

Mesh parts-
Slink av enhance rigged hands pack of all (I'm wearing casual)

Friday, July 10, 2015

Post #1596

Forever Young Summer romper pink gacha @OMG!
Doe Noya pastels gacha @OMG!
Arise face tags princess gacha @OMG!
Forever famous sweet treats sprinkles RARE gacha @OMG!
Izzie's eternity choker pink gacha @OMG!
Lolita Angle lashes collection 03 gacha @OMG! 
Figure cutout nails set 1 RARE gacha @OMG! 
Serenity Style summer collection- wooden boat, summer bag gachas @OMG!
Candy crunchers Seaside gacha seaside print 1
Izzie's Summer memories gold 2 chains
Moda Quinn leather heels

darkenedstare shark bites pink gacha @OMG!
Blah tiny companion meow cocoa RARE gacha @OMG!
Mons nose jewelez style1 gold gacha @OMG!

Kibitz clitch ring pink gacha @OMG!
Song Fiore fatpack
Birdy Sienna pure tone
Decor(photo shoot)-
BUC melting summah surfboard gacha @Seasons Story

Mesh parts-
Slink av enhance rigged hands pack of all (I'm wearing casual)
Slink av enhance female high feet

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Post #1595

Sugar Button Boutique Zipped front dress stormy blue denim w/app
Punch Basic lip piercings I
Punch Basic lip piercings II
Arise Glam eyeshadows
Black Bantam Fresh water pearls pink choker & bracelet
Black Bantam Rose decals pink
Moda Tamara laced platforms for slink high
Moda Triplicity septum
Doe Cinnamon Roll fatpack @Candy Fair
 Half-deer string lights (used in photo shoot)
Half-deer Fennac fox kawaii gacha
Tentacio deer decor in pillows, basket book, stool
Pink Acid & Black bantam box of donuts & strawberries 

Fawny baby kitty RARE gacha
Punci my rings set #3 for slink casual
Imeka cloud necklace
Punci my point nails for slink casual w/add on hud
Pumens Scarlett skin spring tone
Oceane princess mesh lashes
Chus! Lune eyes fatpack
Mesh parts-
Slink av enhance rigged hands pack of all (I'm wearing casual)
Slink av enhance female high feet
PXL Sweet lips 01

Post #1594

Zombie Suicide summer dress mesh
Zombie Suicide Viola heels for slink high
Arise Eyebags @The Showroom
Doe Ericka fatpack @Uber
Izzie's metal feather necklace gold/black
Pink Acid Angels & pearls earrings
Punch diamond nose stud
Punch Level 1
Arise Black liner set @Suicide dollz

Nerdology Kitty bag-fantasies 
Noodles Donut sunglasses white RARE gacha @Candy Fair
Sweet thing Berry cone nomnom narwhal RARE gacha @Candy Fair
Adored Cutie donut ears #2 RARE gacha @Candy fair
Secret Love Septum

Quirky the moon choker
Bamse moon rings
Secret love bangles
Chus! Almathea lenses
Oceane princess mesh lashes
Alterego Lydia ash tan fatpack *limited edition*
Antielle moon bastet & kitty infusion
Decor(photo shoot)-
Dust bunny coral bottle white gacha
tarte cushioned stool peaches & cream
Mishmash kitty fan pink
Floorplan hanging tapestry octopus
Floorplan floor rug octopus
Floorplan ahoy wire
tarte anchor light berry

Mesh parts-
Slink av enhance rigged hands pack of all (I'm wearing casual)
Slink av enhance female high feet
CR nahm nahm

Friday, July 3, 2015

Post #1593

Altair Candy princess dress candy pink mesh @Candy Fair
Altair Bell ribbon pink
Half-deer Catty creamery ice cream Unikitty RARE gacha @Candy Fair
Moda Vanya leather heels for slink high
Arise Black liner set @Suicide dollz
Pink Fuel Sora Alabaster special edition fatpack 
Doe Peri fatpack
Punch Diamond septum clicker @Suicide dollz
Punch Dolphin bites
Fawn's Demise Tail love @Candy Fair

The Forge Ice cream splat @Candy Fair
 Quirky&Dreamsicle Sweet tooth garters & stockings pink @Candy Fair
Adored doghouse rose tattoo pink

Adored Ice cream ring 1# RARE, 2# RARE, #3 gachas @Candy Fair
Cosmic Dust The pastel bubblegum bracelets @Candy Fair
Stockholm&Lima Candy collar kitten @Candy Fair
.iku. Baked blush brat set
Oceane bombshell lashes
The Wicked Peach eyebrows candy floss @Candy Fair
Song Bio eyes fatpack
Decor(photo shoot)-
Trinket Sweet treats trio paintings @Candy Fair
A.D.D. candy rainbow pastel @Candy Fair

Mesh parts-
Soul Kissers Cupid's pout Neko
Slink av enhance rigged hands pack of all (I'm wearing casual}
Slink av enhance female high feet

Post #1949

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