Sunday, December 20, 2015

Post #1651 A Very Special Post

I first want to clear the air, about what is going in my real life. I have always tried to keep my SL and my IRL seperate, but this past month, they collided in a way, I could no longer ignore. My husband after working just shy of 4 years at his job, was terminated. For over 6 months, he had been battling a painful and crippling disease. In so much pain, he couldnt even get out bed, after over 20 tests, they still couldnt tell what was wrong with him. 
One said an ulcer, one said kidney stones. After being diagnosed with a kidney stone, he couldnt pass it for 2 months, he finally had surgery. Around 2 weeks later, he was fired for 1)too many abscences 2)not filing his leaves in a timely manner. He was our source of income, and when he lost his job, I knew we were in trouble. 
We were already living paycheck to paycheck, and with no state help at that time(they said he made too much) we were out of food, money and options. We immediantly filed for state help, unemployment and I went to social media. Several people jumped into action that day, and have been there to provide help for my family. 
After several ims, notecards, etc about me "being a loser", "selfish", "horrible", "scammer", I finally posted on my Facebook what all was happening. The people that were helping me, were shocked, disgusted, taken aback and even with all that going on, more people jumped in to help. 
These ladies are the most amazing group of women you will ever meet. This post is dedicated to all of them, who opened up their hearts to me and my family.

My List of Guardian Cat Angels-
Izzy Heart, owner of Izzy Heart mesh
DelaRosa Glimmer, owner of Hanau
Stasey Oller, owner of Pink Acid
Isis Zamin, owner of Zombie Suicide
Moonbubble Gothly, owner of Bubble
Eilfie SugarPlum, owner of The Sugar Garden
Emmins13 Sygall, owner of QE
Drusilla Dethly, owner of The Little Bat
Tsurine Resident, owner of Altair
Aya Shula Resident, owner of Sweet thing
Haruchu Resident, owner of Chu
BCreative Wilde, owner of Dark Passions
IIIaina Reign, owner of Reign 
Nena Bowdit, owner of Pixel Geek
The countless people who donated gachas, lindens, donations or had well wishes for me and my family, me, James, Harrison, Amy and Socks, want to thank each and every one of you.

If you would like to donate or help in anyway-
My inworld donation alt- KittehHope Resident
My inworld name- SashaKitteh Wildrose
My mailing address to send non perishable items, used clothes,etc.,please contact me inworld.

For the Giving tree information, a benefit to help my family-
Contact inworld: DelaRosa Glimmer or
Emmins13 Sygall 

Bubble Catlady snuggly coat pink 
Izzie's Taleah rosy Catwa applier 
ASO! vintage curtain white (decor)
Black Bantam vintage luggage vanity fuschia floral
Black Bantam Crazy cat lady standing kittens cirro calico f rare gacha
Half-deer Winged cat standing gacha
Half-deer Stinglight clutter loose coil

Reign*Besom Quite spoiled natural ombres
Reign*Besom Artic fox add-on pack 
Reign Beary Cozy slippers panda

Kibitz Maya ring set gold
Mon Cheri Falsies mesh lashes 
Adored Nova eyes fatpack
Moon Amore Sweet nails colorful mix 
Veechi Winged liners for Catwa
Deetalez lipstick transparent gloss for Catwa
Fancy decor star light, star bright
Mesh parts-
Maitreya Lara mesh body
Catwa Jessica mesh head
Slink mesh hands casual

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